The People Seeking the ‘Company of Wolves’

I’ve just been archiving all the footage and news stories from the ‘Company of Wolves’ for the university. Those who were presenting might like to share these links with their own institutions. At least now we know what you do at a werewolf conference! It  was wonderful to be amongst so many open minds. The book is going to be an absolute smash. Watch this space!

Live coverage

BBC news live from the conference
Werewolf conference: The people seeking ‘the company of wolves’

Live Tweets from the BBC
Werewolf convention at Uni of Herts draws to a close for day one (incs photos of food!)

Ruptley TV video
UK’s first werewolf conference is a howl (Ruptley TV video)

Kathryn Hughes, The Guardian
In our dog-eat-dog world, it’s time for werewolves

Build up to the conference

The Independent
Werewolf conference will see academics shine a light on folkloric shapeshifter

The Daily Mail
What big teeth you have!’: Monsters invade the classroom at University of Hertfordshire for the UK’s only werewolf conference

Times Higher Education Supplement
Werewolf conference billed as first for UK academy

The Guardian Newspaper
The howl truth: scholars get packing for UK werewolf conference

Laurence Cawley BBC News
University to host international werewolf conference

Werewolf conference to debate ‘complex’ history of mythical creature

Smithsonian magazine US
There’s a Conference in the U.K. All About Werewolves Next Month
Read more:

South China Morning Post
It’ll be a howler: Werewolf conference aims to transform opinion on mythical shapeshifters

Russia Today
Werewolf conference to debate ‘complex’ history of mythical creature

Britain Weekly (US)
What do we do during a werewolf conference?

University World News
Scholars get packing for UK werewolf conference

The Sun also picked up on the event and asked its readers to ‘share our wolf haul’ and the Daily Star remarked ‘bachelor of barks’ ‘scientists are planning Britain’s first werewolf conference’! There was also a fair amount of radio coverage.

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  1. You missed off my interview! Though I think it’s only there a few more days–wonder if it can be archived somehow?

    • Yes of course and Kaja’s. This was just newspapers and live coverage. I will make sure they go in. Can you can send me the details. They are already on the site somewhere aren’t they? let me know.

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