Further Details about the Company of Wolves visit to the UKWCT

I’m just posting some final details about the trip to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. It looks like an excellent trip which will expand our discussions from the conference and help us understand the human impact on the wolf population.
In order to set off on time, we need to meet in the Atrium at 8.00am. The coach will be setting off at 8.30am and, barring any traffic issues, we’ll arrive at 10.00am at the UKWCT. We’ll then be taken for a presentation about wolf communication by one of the members of the staff followed by a tour of the site. The keeper will tell us about the ten wolves that are on site and answer any questions. We will also be able to watch the wolves being fed.
And then it’s back on the bus at 1.00pm where we can eat our packed lunches (exactly like a school trip) and we should be back by 2.30pm in time for more refreshments. I have high hopes of hearing a wolf howl!
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  1. do you think the wolves might like a tasty journalist or two at feeding time?

  2. Garry Marvin says:

    It is a very interesting set up at the Trust.

    • firekrank says:

      I’m very excited about it. I really want to learn more about wolves and it just tickles me that there are wolves living near Reading.

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