Best Wolves in Literature

wolf images “Who were your parents mouse?” The answer she gave me brought a chill to my heart and a lump to my throat. “The wolves”, she said, and threw another lump of seaweed into our basket (Dark Horse, p. 31)

The above is from Marcus Sedgwick’s Dark Horse, which is currently my favourite literary representation of a wolf child. I’m going to be presenting my research into wolf children at OGOM Company of Wolves Conference in September in a paper tentatively entitled ‘This  is What it Sounds Like When Wolves Cry: storytelling, wolf children and the ‘state of nature’’.

Those attending Company of Wolves might be interested in the author of Wolfie Emma Barnes’s Top Ten Books with Wolves and John Mullan’s Ten Best Wolves in Literature from The Guardian. I am sure we can do better however. Let me know your choices. I’d love to hear them….

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  2. White Fell from Clemence Housman’s The Were-Wolf
    Remus Lupin from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series
    Cerise Hood from the Ever After High series
    The Duke from Angela Carter’s Wolf-Alice
    And the Morrígan. These are my votes.

  3. Good list – thanks for sharing. Wolf Alice gets my vote too need to check out Cerise Hood!

  4. firekrank says:

    ‘The Cry of the Wolf’ by Melvin Burgess. It really doesn’t get enough attention. And ‘Wolf’ by Gillian Cross.

  5. I want to compile a list and post on here. Be interested in your top ten. Be nice to get all the CoW peeps involved…think this will be ongoing…hope so

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