Redeeming the Wolf: OGOM at the Being Human Festival 2017

Thanks to all the lovely people who joined us on a rainy Saturday for ‘Redeeming the Wolf’. People came down from as far afield as Durham, Scotland and even Spain. I spoke to many new people who were interested in the work we are doing on the project including writers, wolf enthusiasts, PhD students and local residents who were up for a different Saturday afternoon experience. We got this lovely endorsement from our Spanish delegate below:

I am Nerea Unda and I am writing to congratulate you all for the fantastic work you are doing on behalf of the wolf and other arts such as Literature. I think that with this project you are attracting people from very different backgrounds to share their experiences.

The wolf cakes were back!

And whilst we did have some technical problems on the day the spirit of the wolf drove us on! The talks (Prof. Garry Marvin on lupophobia and re-wilding, Kaja on monstrous werewolves, myself on children raised by wolves and Bill on beauties and beasts) complimented each other really well and each gave a different yet related perspective on the history, representation and future of the UK wolf. Kaja did fantastically well as commentator and Chair with her characteristic drive and panache. There were some brilliant questions from the floor too in the debate, these were astute and thought provoking, and Garry excelled in explaining the problems involved in the wolf’s re-introduction whilst also seeking atonement for the wrongs humans have done to wolves.

We came up with the three word challenge above to capture the impact on the day – and below are some more of the fantastic results. These will be taken to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust and displayed for visitors to see:

These make me very happy indeed!! I think we can claim that the wolf was well and truly redeemed. How wonderful!

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