IGA2018: Ambiguous Creatures and Ambivalent Morals

A huge thank you to all the organisers of the International Gothic Association 2018 conference, held at Manchester Metropolitan University. And thanks to all who attended OGOM’s Ambiguous Creatures and Ambivalent Morals panel and to all the lovely and inspiring delegates generally, just for being there. You can read more about our panel in the previous post here.

The papers presented by OGOM were:

Dr Sam George. ‘Darkness visible: the emergence of the vampire/angel in contemporary gothic fiction – illumination, salvation, and damnation’.

Dr Kaja Franck. ‘The Cuckoo in the Nest: Changelings, Hybridity and the Impact of YA Gothic Literature’

Daisy Butcher. ‘The Hybrid Female Mummy and the Poisonous Feminine in Louisa May Alcott’s Lost in A Pyramid (1869) and Charlotte Bryson Taylor’s In the Dwellings of the Wilderness (1904)’

Dr Bill Hughes. ‘‘Two kinds of romance’: generic hybridity and mongrel monsters from Gothic novel to Paranormal Romance’

Rachey Taylor kindly took some photos of our panel, so here’s Sam, Kaja, Daisy, and myself (click on an image to see it in full and move through the slideshow):

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