Twins for Kaja – Big Congratulations from OGOM

Some wonderful news to stave off all the gloom, OGOM’s Kaja has given birth to twins named Frederick Ewen Franck-Howells and Casper Wolf Franck-Howells. Big names for little people!! On behalf of OGOM I’d like to send huge congratulations to Kaja and Duncan on the birth of their first born (hopefully there is no evil fairy waiting in the wings to carry off the children). Twins though – uncanny, there’s got to be a gothic link!! Casper will in future undoubtedly be known as Wolf Howells awww woohoo!!!

double trouble – delightful doppelgangers

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2 Responses to Twins for Kaja – Big Congratulations from OGOM

  1. Daryl says:

    Very lovely and adorable! Thank you for sharing the good news and congratulations all around. <3

  2. Nariece says:

    Congrats Kaja! Story time is going to be lit!!

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