Want to be an IGA postgrad rep?

From the International Gothic Association:

Our wonderful current reps Chloe Buckley and Laura Kremmel have come to the end of their term and we are looking for their replacements. It is a two-year position and involves facilitating monthly bloggers, keeping the facebook page active, and managing the twitter feed. You will also participate in the IGA Advisory Board, which meets once a year (online or at the IGA conference). You can also add things to the position, such as the postgrad pub night Chloe and Laura planned at the IGA conference.

Here’s how to apply:
Email a short statement about why you want to be a postgrad rep and what you’d do with the position to Angela Wright (a.h.wright@sheffield.ac.uk) and Catherine Spooner (c.spooner@lancaster.ac.uk) by September 10th. You must be a member of the IGA and have at least two years of postgrad work ahead of you to be eligible. Let us know if you have any questions!

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