More Furry and Fairytale Fashion

Following on from my post on wolfish nails or ‘furry manicures’, a colleague shared a blogpost on the subject, ‘Nothing about her is human except that she is not a wolf’. There are some lovely ideas in this brief blog (albeit hidden behind a slightly impossibly to read choice of background and text colour) such as the overlap between armour, fashion and violence. Whilst I can’t pretend to be a fashionista, the power and pleasure of dressing up (and the performance aspect) has always been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed. For much of my youth I flipped between being She-Ra and He-Man, a Thundercat, or the evil one from Shakespears Sister’s ‘Stay’ (1992).

With this youthful aspect in mind, the latest range by Irregular Choice shoes are inspired by Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951) and they are a kitsch fantasy.

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