Monstrous Hounds and the Phantasmagoria: OGOM’s Lycanthropic Lantern-of-fear!!!

Wolves and werewolves were a very important part of magic lantern iconography for over 200 years and featured as part of Robertson’s famous Phantasmagoria in Paris.
At OGOM’s ‘Company of Wolves’ David Annwyn Jones will offer a film on monstrous hounds and the Phantasmagoria and follow up with a lycanthropic lantern-of-fear show projected on an antique magic lantern and featuring wolvish slides. The show will be historically authentic referencing Gothic literature throughout.

David is a leading expert in the famous Phantasmagoria of E.A. Robertson, a horror and magic lantern show set in a vast, deserted convent in Paris from 1799 onwards, and its relation to Gothic Literature. He has written many essays and books on this subject and co-produced the only authentic walk-through film reconstructing an evening at the convent with its luminous monsters, ghosts and demons. His macabre play ‘Harker’s Bizarre’ appeared at Whitby Theatre in 2013. He is the author of the best-selling Gothic Machine and Sexuality and the Gothic Magic Lantern and the editor of Dracula’s Precursors.

I think you’ll agree  ‘Lyncanthropic Lantern- of- Fear’ is unmissable. I just can’t wait for showtime!!

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Associate Professor of Research, School of Humanities, University of Hertfordshire Co-convenor OGOM Project
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