Merry Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas everyone from the OGOM Project!!!

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Cat lover. 18C scholar on the dialogue and novel. Co-convenor OGOM Project
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5 Responses to Merry Christmas!!

  1. Daryl Wor says:

    Jolly well played… but… don’t you mean “Happy Christmas”? 😉 I do.

    • William the Bloody says:

      Not sure I understand, Daryl!

      • Daryl Wor says:

        Just a little U.S./U.K. humour. I learned a while back it was (usually) “Happy Christmas” over there and “Merry Christmas” over here. 😉

        • William the Bloody says:

          Oh, didn’t know that. I use them interchangeably but thought ‘Merry’ was more usual.

          • Daryl Wor says:

            It likely is more usual. Funny though, because one of the more recent productions I saw that showed “Happy” was more usual in the U.K. happened to be a Canadian show, rather than a U.S. one. I had to think that over a bit before getting back to you about this.

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