Song of the Sea

More on selkies, who are exercising their fascination over me more and more. If I disappear, it will be because I have become spellbound by a sea maiden.

This trailer for Song of the Sea was passed on to me by Curtis Runstedler, who presented on the benevolent medieval werewolf as one of the many brilliant papers at the Company of Wolves conference. This animated film looks absolutely beautiful.

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2 Responses to Song of the Sea

  1. Lucy Northenra says:

    Oh Ireland reclaiming the selkie here….is this animation available now? Love the Celtic feel and the narration.

  2. William the Bloody says:

    Yes, the DVD is available–it seems to have accidentally fallen into my shopping basket. I think the selkie figure may be a wider Celtic thing than just Orkneys and Shetlands–there’s a Welsh and Scottish equivalent, though I’ve not come across the Irish version in folklore yet. I’ll explore it a bit more.

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