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There seems to be something cropping up every day about the fabulous Angela Carter!

Here are links to four Carter-related items that I’ve come across:

This exhibition, The Bloody Chamber, at the Koppel Project in London from 8 Feb to 18 March 2017, has paintings, an installation, and a film by artists inspired by Carter’s reworking of the Bluebeard story, ‘The Bloody Chamber’.

On the brilliant Angela Carter OnlineCaleb Sivyer reviews another video inspired by Carter website, , accompanying it with a clip: ‘Maria José Pires and Ricardo Bonacho have created a video inspired by Angela Carter’s short story “The Bloody Chamber” (1979), entitled “The Bloody Chamber: A Taste of Angela Carter”. The video explores the “gastronomical imagery and metaphors” of Carter’s story through suggestive images and sound.’

And here’s a review by Mina Holland of Carter’s Book of Wayward Girls & Wicked Women.

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