Wolf Alice Late at the Library


There is a Late at the Library Fairy Tale and Wonderland Event at the BL on 21st November which looks really magical. You can see a performance of Wolf Alice and take part in some scarily dark adventures through mirrors and looking glasses when Alice and her mirror image Alice explore their darker sides in a funny and gently disturbing piece by acclaimed performance artists Cocoloco. Poetic and just a little naughty. Adjoa Andoh peforms Wolf-Alice, the brilliantly gothic, twisted short story by Angela Carter with live illustrations by Gabi Froden. I really want to go to this….

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2 Responses to Wolf Alice Late at the Library

  1. firekrank says:

    I’m heading to this with Karen Graham and a few others. I’ll review it for the blog and it can be a celebration of meeting my next deadline.

  2. I would love to see this! Just reread ‘Wolf-Alice’ last night–got very inspired by it and am beginning to find interesting, interconnecting themes in The Bloody Chamber

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