The Northern YA Literary Festival: Holly Black, Samantha Shannon, Alwyn Hamilton

The Northern YA Literary Festival is hosted by the University of Central Lancashire at Preston, 24 March 2018. This looks a great event: the wonderful Holly Black (probably my favourite author in YA paranormal romance) being interviewed by Samantha Shannon (whose novels of an alternative London with a magical underworld, complete with convincing criminal argot, are brilliant). There’s also a talk by Alwyn Hamilton, whose Rebel of the Sands trilogy is an exciting meld of Western and The Thousand One Nights, and a paranormal romance that takes on radical political uprising as its theme. There are also talks on Getting into Publishing (with authors Teri Terry, Danny Weston, and Anna Day) and Feminism in YA (with Katherine Webber, Annabel Pitcher, Lauren James, and Matt Killeen).

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