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Some exciting events coming up! Some alluring vampire-themed material here, too, with what looks an intriguing contemporary dance adaptation of Dracula, and a festival of vampire films, discussed by Prof. Stacey Abbott, who has collaborated with OGOM from the beginning. In addition, I’ve added a link on our Resources page to the discussion featuring Dr Sam George on John Polidori’s ‘The Vampyre’, on BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time.

1. Journeys in Gothic Study: A Research and Networking Afternoon, online/live, University of Sheffield, 29 April 2022

We are delighted to welcome a number of speakers in the fields of Gothic and Romantic studies, to discuss their research and other wider issues relating to postgraduate and postdoctoral study. We will be hosting a Research Panel, which will focus closely on the work of two Gothic scholars, and an ECR and Career Development Panel, which will look more at the process of thesis submission and possible career avenues for Gothic and Romantic researchers.

2. Dracula, Vortice Dance Company, Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield, 13 May 2022

Bram Stoker classic inspires a show that covers the starkest paths of evilness. The myth of Dracula, one of the most sinister characters in universal literature history, is developed now with new conceptual and plastic contributions. The work explores new languages from an imaginative and enigmatic world in a mystical atmosphere full of pain, hallucination and loss. 

3. ‘Interview with a vampire expert’, Dundead 2022, Dundee Contemporary Arts, 28 April-1 May 2022

This year’s festival features a retrospective of some of the best vampire films of the past 100 years, from Nosferatu right up to modern classic Blade. Our Dundead festival programmer Michael Coull caught up with Professor and writer Stacey Abbott to find out more about the horror sub-genre and get her thoughts on our fang-tastic line-up…

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