Art project: Martin O’Brien: For The Dead Travel Fast

A great opportunity here for artists who have Undead affinities with Martin O’Brien and the For The Dead Travel Fast project, with funded workshops and visits to Dracula-related sites in Whitby and Transylvania.

This project will take 5 artists on a journey into the heart of darkness by following in the footsteps of Dracula. The project is aimed at artists whose practice is concerned with death, pain, horror, flesh-eating or the undead. We will become undead tourists as we make a pilgrimage to sites associated with the myth of Dracula. It will take place over 3 workshops: workshop 1 will be a weekend research visit to Whitby (accommodation provided) where we will take part in Dracula tours and get to know each other. Workshop 2 will be a 4 day research trip to Wallachia and Transylvania, Romania, (flights and accommodation provided) where we will visit Dracula’s castle, birthplace, and tomb. We will be based in Bucharest and take coach trips to the sites. Workshop 3 will take place over 12 hours through the night in London, bringing together and reflecting on the research.

About William the Bloody

Cat lover. 18C scholar on the dialogue and novel. Co-convenor OGOM Project
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