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Two things popped up on my Google search this week. The first was a spoof trailer for the video game featuring werewolves called The Order: 1886. (Apparently the programmers don’t like you calling it a werewolf video game). The spoof trailer is set in 1986 and includes awesome 80s rock band stylings and rad werewolves. It is slightly meta and has done that peculiar thing whereby ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ forms of marketing elide. Enjoy!

Secondly, I came across a review of a new werewolf novel, The Hunger of the Wolf. This features two tropes in which I am particularly interested: the wild versus the city, and how to make the werewolf a positive figure. With all the mention of money it may also be a good foil to one of the texts I am looking at for my thesis – Anne Rice’s The Wolf Gift trilogy. I look forward to getting my teeth into it.

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