Was Elizabeth Bathory onto something?

Yesterday an article entitled ‘Why I consumed my own blood’ appeared on the BBC News website. With such a compelling title, I couldn’t help but give the article a read and was suitably disturbed and intrigued. The ‘Vampire Facial/Facelift’ has been on the radar since about 2013 – its main fan being Kim Kardashian as she has made abundantly clear on her Instagram account.

However, whilst the Vampire Facelift talks about using your own blood cells injected into your face, the BBC article also discussed experiments where elderly mice were injected with the blood of young mice in order to rejuvenate them. I couldn’t help but think of Elizabeth Bathory bathing in the blood of her victims in order to keep her youthful and a shiver went down my spine. I feel like a dystopian horror story has its roots somewhere in the article.

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