The Return of ‘The Returned’ (2012 – )

For those who loved ‘The Returned’ (2012 – ), the French series about the dead returning to a small community, Season 2 will be coming out on More 4 later this year. It has been a two year wait for UK fans of the show (three years if you watched it in France).

The series explores how we treat and understand death as well as considering otherness and the fear that it creates. There is some overlap with the Daniel Water’s Generation Dead (2008 – ), to which the OGOM project owes its’ name, as the “zombies” or “revenants” are not necessarily violent rather simply different and the texts are concerned with integration and isolation of those who display difference.

If you did not catch the first series of ‘The Returned’ you can catch up with it on the Channel 4 website. Happy viewing!

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