The New Fairy Tale Is Trying to Escape Its Past

. . . and more on the fairy tale, referencing Marina Warner’s book. This essay by Becca Rothfeld looks at the current popularity of reworking classic fairy tales in film and TV. I am currently researching this fascinating mode of intertextuality (or ‘hypertextuality’ in Gérard Genette’s terms) in YA paranormal romance, where it takes place in such books as Robin McKinley’s Beauty, Alyxandra Hervey’s My Love Lies Bleeding, and Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series–the first as a vividly interiorised retelling, the second as vampire romance, the third as science fiction with a cyborg heroine. (These three texts are being studied on Sam’s ‘Generation Dead: YA Fiction and the Gothic’ module.)

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  1. Crazy that she’s writing articles read by thousands now… Becca was in my class at Dartmouth, and we only graduated a few months ago!

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