The 25 Best Horror Movies since 2000, A.V. Club

Here’s an intriguing list of the 25 Best Horror Movies since 2000 compiled by the A.V. Club. Now, I don’t watch much horror because I have a weak stomach, an over-active imagination, and a tendency for unpleasant imagery to sear itself into my grey matter for all eternity re-emerging whenever I close my eyes. And, when I do watch horror, my taste in movies is questionable: the last movie I watched was Zombeavers which even I was hard-pushed to analyse as a perfect example of ecoGothic and/or rural Gothic. But I would love to know what other people think – are there any excellent movies that have been missed from the list? Any that you think have been woefully misinterpreted? Let us know below.

It’s also worth having a peruse of this website as there are plenty of interesting articles about horror and the Gothic in all its’ forms; lots of fruitful material for Gothtober.

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