More Beauty and the Beast

More useful links on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (see previous posts by Sam and I).

First, a short piece by Constance Grady on some of the many various adaptations of the tales, covering Robin McKinley’s Beauty and Rose Daughter, Angela Carter’s tales in The Bloody Chamber, Donna Jo Napoli’s Beast (all excellent reworkings that I am covering in my current research and forthcoming paper), and Maria Tatar’s new collection of Animal Bridegroom stories: ‘5 fantastic Beauty and the Beast adaptations that go beyond Disney’.

Then, Genevieve Valentine discusses Tatar’s collection alongside Tanth Lee’s dark reworkings of this and other fairy tales in ‘Tale As Old As Time: The Dark Appeal of “Beauty And The Beast”‘.

Claire Fallon explores the misogyny and violence in the source material behind the film (though I think she misses some subtleties in Villeneuve and Beaumont’s original stories) here in ‘The Dark, Twisted Fairy Tales “Beauty And The Beast” Is Based On‘.

Here, Dana Schwarz has an amusing take on the film, overturning our expectations: ‘Why Belle Should Have Chosen Gaston‘.

Finally, Layla Holzer, Associate Lecturer for the BA (hons) Illustration programme at Cardiff School of Art and Design, has a fabulous puppet film of ‘The Tiger’s Bride’, one of Angela Carter’s powerful reworkings of the tale.

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