Gothicise and Supernatural Cities

I’m setting up a permanent link (in the Related Links column on the right) from the site to the art collaborative Gothicise,  which was launched in 2010. Gothicise create site-specific performances that interrogate the relationship between site and narrative including the 2015 Death Café Limerick. The collaborative is the brain child of Dr Tracy Fahey. I am currently collaborating with Tracy on the Books of Blood project . Tracy, Head of Fine Art at Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD), also established the research centre ACADEMY. Tracy has published on medical Gothic, domestic Gothic, folk Gothic, memory studies, contemporary art, design and pedagogy.  She is currently working on a monograph on Irish Folk Gothic for University of Wales Press to be published in 2018. She is also a writer of gothic fiction. Her collection The Unheimlich Manoeuvre  was published in 2016 and her novel The Girl In The Fort is due out this year. I’ll be seeing Tracy at the IGA Conference in Mexico where we are collaborating on a folklore panel together with Dr Karl Bell of Spring-Heeled Jack and Supernatural Cities fame  Supernatural Cities was hosted in Limerick this year. You can view the programme here.  OGOM hope to announce further collaborations with this compelling research project in 2018!

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