CFPs: Popular Novels, Dracula

Two CFPs for conferences have come to our attention:

1. Panel papers invited for ‘Novels, Then and Now‘ at the MAPACA conference, Georgia, USA; deadline 30 June 2018:

The Popular Novels area includes all novel genres, authors, time periods, cultures, and settings. Consider it a safety net for novels that don’t fit neatly into a specific genre or that cross genres. Consider the many sub-genres of Romance with a capital “R”—western, thriller, paranormal, religious, romance (with a small “r”), detective, urban fantasy, etc. From Pearl S. Buck to Lee Child, from Laurie King to Tony Hillerman, from Julia Spencer-Fleming to Emilie Richards—all are welcome.

2. A Cross-Platform Dracula Conference, 17-19 October 2018, Brasov, Romania; deadline 30 May 2018:

The Children of the Night Conference series is a non-profit academic initiative, supported by worldwide renowned Dracula experts.
Our aim is to present groundbreaking research on Bram Stoker, his novel Dracula and related topics on a bi-annual basis.
Participation is open to everyone who has a truly interesting paper to present. Moreover, the conferences will feature artistic contests and will be accompanied by a cultural program.

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