CFP: Re-orienting the Fairy Tale, Kanagawa University, Japan, 29-30 March 2017

This conference on Re-orienting the Fairy Tale, subtitled ‘Contemporary Fairy-Tale Adaptations across Cultures’, looks wonderful and covers the area of research I’m concentrating on at the moment–fairy tale adaptation in various media is a key concern of all of us at OGOM in general. Alas, it’s too far for me, but perhaps others of you will have the opportunity to enter what looks like a splendid cross-cultural dialogue.

This international conference, the first of its kind in East Asia, seeks to re-orient the fairy tale and to advance comparative fairy-tale studies on a global scale. To do so, it will facilitate conversations among fairy-tale researchers with Western and non-Western cultural backgrounds, stage interactive dialogues between critical and creative practices, and connect common threads across different media and disciplines.


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