Call for articles: Murder she wrote, Supernatural Cities, 1980s horror

Some calls for articles in journals and edited collections. Be warned that the deadline for the Murder, She Wrote collection is very soon–15 December 2021!

1. Call for chapters: Edited collection – ‘Something very sinister is going on here’: The cultural value and afterlife of Murder, She Wrote. Deadline: 15 December 2021

Call for critical essays to be included in a collection on Murder, She Wrote, which we are proposing for inclusion in Routledge’s Advances in Popular Culture series.

This edited collection will offer a critical overview of the series and its cultural impact, including perspectives on paratextual elements which have grown around the TV show, including board games, video games, podcasts, fan conventions, collectible figures, and a series of ghostwritten novels ‘authored’ by fictional series star Jessica Fletcher. The collection will also explore the series’ position within the crime genre, particularly as it relates to and engages with earlier iterations of the ‘lady detective’.

2. Call for articles: Revenant Special Issue: ‘Supernatural Cities’. Deadline: 14 January 2022

In this issue, we are interested in documenting how the supernatural shapes various global cities and the cultural practices that inform how urban places are represented, identified, and transformed into spaces of supernatural engagement.
In addition to a general call for creative pieces on the urban supernatural we invite audio and written submissions of supernatural folktales from cities across the globe. These submissions will form a written and audio catalogue of supernatural stories informing an exploration of the connections and diversity of stories in international urban environments.
We also invite reviews of books, films, games, and art related to supernatural cities. Given the special issues focus, reviews of supernatural tourism activities and events from around the world are most welcome.

3. Call for articles: Horror Studies – Special issue on 1980s Horror Film Culture. Deadline: 17 January 2022

This special issue will re-evaluate the horror genre in the 1980s and the legacy of this decade in contemporary horror studies. While many disparage the decade as a period of soulless commercialism, avid consumerism and the decade that fashion forgot, the 1980s introduced new modes of communication, new commercial appreciation for horror texts, and is now, in contemporary times, suffused with a sense of nostalgia. The seeds of discontent in our contentious and fractured present were sown in the 1980s, making it an important if divisive decade.
This special issue is open to submissions on any geographical region or emphasis which evaluates or (re)considers the impact of horror in the 1980s.

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