The Lesbian Vampire: A (Fairly) Brief Media Retrospective

The Mary Sue has written a relatively brief (as the title suggests), but still interesting, media retrospective on the lesbian vampire. It covers more recent portrayals and I was very pleased to see that the Carmilla web series on YouTube was mentioned.

‘The Moth Diaries’ (2011), the movies based on the novel of the same name by Rachel Klein, was also reviewed. I happened to read The Moth Diaries (2006) around the same time as another novel featuring teenage lesbian vampires called Sabine (2006) by A. P. Though it hasn’t had that much attention, it is a delicious novel that attempts to capture the shlocky pop culture of the 1950s.

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2 Responses to The Lesbian Vampire: A (Fairly) Brief Media Retrospective

  1. Lucy Northenra says:

    Thanks for posting this Kaja. It will be of interest to Daisy who is writing her dissertation on the female vampire and vagina dentata. I would like to see a comparison with lesbian witches or witchy siblings in fiction and film. Willow and Tara would feature but also Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock’s characters in Practical Magic! Fictional witches are under researched I feel.

    • firekrank says:

      Everyone should have to watch ‘Practical Magic’. It’s the perfect mixture of dark and light and I always, always cry when Sally saves Gillian. I’m going to post later this week (hopefully) about a Danish series I’ve been watching that has both witches and energy sucking vampire-type creatures in it. I think you will love it.

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