‘The Flowers of Evil: Satanic Feminists of Bohemian Paris’

This is the first article of a series entitled ‘The Flowers of Evil: Satanic Feminists in Bohemian Paris’ (my what an appetite-whetting title) from Dirge MagazineI’m sure the articles will include something for everyone!

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One Response to ‘The Flowers of Evil: Satanic Feminists of Bohemian Paris’

  1. Lucy Northenra says:

    There are some resonances with the predatory female vampire of the 19th century here and of course the sexually precocious woman more generally – often thought to be a witch in thrall with the devil. This is illustrated well in visual depictions of naked witch figures riding goats backwards (amongst other things) in the recent John Rylands exhibition on Magic, Witches and Devils. References to Baudelaire’s ‘flowers of evil’ are a bit thin in this article but I did find it a good and racy read!

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