Shakespearian YA

Continuing the theme of adaptation of classic plots, here are five reworkings of Shakespeare as YA fiction. A couple of them are cast in the genre of paranormal romance, but they all look worth reading.

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3 Responses to Shakespearian YA

  1. Lucy Northenra says:

    This is timely as I am going to do intertextual readings of the Iron King in Gen Dead soon looking at the fairy courts and the character of Puck in A MidSummer Night’s Dream! Going to write a post on Puck before then!

    • William the Bloody says:

      Oh, I look forward to the Puck post! I’ve been meaning to post something on Faerie Courts sometime, too–something about them puzzles me.

      On Shakespeare and intertextuality, I think of Angela Carter again (who’s never away from this site for long!) and her fabulous weaving of themes from Shakespeare’s comedies into her last novel, Wise Children.

      • firekrank says:

        Puck is one of my favourite Shakespearean characters – my favourite is Mercutio (but only because I got to act him at secondary school). Puck is so wonderfully fey and seems to be a foundation for the representation of faeries in literature ever since.

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