Review: The Gothic Fairy Tale in Young Adult Literature

A review by Donna Mitchell of what looks to be an important collection of essays on the Gothic aspects of the fairy tale in connection with the adaptation of such tales in YA literature: The Gothic Fairy Tale in Young Adult Literature: Essays on Stories from Grimm to Gaiman, ed. by Joseph Abbruscato and Tanya Jones. This is a fascinating mode of intertextuality which interests me particularly and which connects with my current research; I’m sure others will be equally tempted to buy this book.

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  1. Thanks for posting on this Will the Bloody!. I have ordered it with my ‘Generation Dead: YA Fiction and the Gothic’ module in m ind. We are going to be doing quite a lot of intertextual readings re: fairy tales so this will serve us well, though it doesn’t overlap in terms of texts. The intro should be very useful for my students. I am currently teaching Grimm on Romantic Child too.and enjoying the new Marina Warner on fairy tales. I am thinking Dr Warner might be a good guest for OGOM Company of Wolves…

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