Horror in the Arts – Free Articles!

As what surely is a celebration of Gothtober and in order to give you something good to curl up with as the nights draw in, Routledge is offering two months of free access to their collection Horror in the Arts. (Though the exact dates are not given, the article on their website was published on 18 September 2015, so I imagine that the access will run until 18 November 2015).

There are some fabulous articles in the collection and having looked through the titles, it looks like there is something for everyone. I have to recommend Keir Waddington’s ‘Death at St. Barnard’s: Anti-Vivisection, Medicine and the Gothic’ (2013) which I have used to contextualise the trope of vivisection in werewolf texts. It also offers a way to use the ecoGothic to interrogate the animal as a subject rather than the natural world more broadly.

As a former fen-dwelling yellow-belly, I am excited to read Rod Giblett’s ‘Theology of Wetlands: Tolkien and Beowulf on marshes and their monsters’ (2015). I’m hoping there will be at least some mention of a Will o’ the Wisp.

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