Ancient Werewolf Known as ‘Old Stinker’ Sparks Folk Panic in UK


Who would have thought it there is now a real life folk panic in Yorkshire following the sightings of ‘Old Stinker’ an eight foot werewolf spotted in the Wolds. Kaja has already posted on this and commented on the myth that ‘Old Stinker’ inhabits landscape that is thought to have seen some of the last UK wolves (great post K), but I thought I would update you on the story as other papers have now reported a full scale werewolf hunt. ‘Old Stinker’ has apparently eaten a German Shepherd dog and been seen leaping over fences like a modern day Spring-Heeled Jack!

Townspeople Gather to Hunt Werewolf in Hull Known as Old Stinker

Haunted – Old Stinker Werewolf – Yorkshire’s Bermuda Triangle

Sightings of Eight Foot Werewolf Known as Old Stinker Sparks Panic Across City

If you are interested in werewolves our Company of Wolves  research  is seminal and is on its way to becoming  a much talked about book on wolves, werewolves and feral children.

Do comment if you know more about the local legend of ‘Old Stinker’. He is curiously absent from most accounts of werewolf mythology but I would love to know more!! Now where can I find some wolfbane….




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8 Responses to Ancient Werewolf Known as ‘Old Stinker’ Sparks Folk Panic in UK

  1. Anastasia says:

    In France we also have some werewolves… an exemple of his behavior? Have a look here

    • firekrank says:

      Thank you for sharing this. I have heard some of the stories of les loups-garous in France. I also love the myth about the Beast of Gauvedin – which the television series ‘Teen Wolf’ incorporates into their narrative. In fact I think France has more cases of people being put to death for being werewolves than in Britain – perhaps because wolves were killed in the UK long before they were made extinct in France. I’d love to hear more about the mythology of werewolves in France so send through any other information and I’ll do my best to translate it.

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  3. Great story!

    I am also interested in the werewolf image (by Sims) that accompanies this post. Where is it from and how do I contact the artist?

    Thank you for your assistance.

  4. Hello Stephen,
    Thank you for posting. I am glad you enjoyed ‘Old Stinker’. This image is widely available in the public domain. It is very fine. I do know some artists who specialise in drawing werewolves but not this one. We were interested in purchasing this image for the university for our ‘Company of wolves’ conference but instead went for a update of Dore’s Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf as it was out of copyright.
    Best wishes,

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