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Werewolf News

Two things popped up on my Google search this week. The first was a spoof trailer for the video game featuring werewolves called The Order: 1886. (Apparently the programmers don’t like you calling it a werewolf video game). The spoof … Continue reading

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Review of Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales

My mother told me that you should never go to bed angry. The reviewer’s equivalent of this is you should never go to a show already inclined against it. However, the issue that gave me the Angry Reds regarding Philip … Continue reading

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There’s a She-Wolf in the Closet

I am not ashamed to admit that I am enamoured of the song ‘She Wolf’ by Shakira. Not only does it find a convincing rhyme for ‘lycanthropy’ but she looks fierce in the video. (I am also not ashamed to … Continue reading

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New Vampire Study Centre: OGOM’S proudest moment

Maybe we had found the perfect moment in history, the perfect balance between the monstrous and the human, the time when the ‘vampire romance’ born in my imagination […] should find its greatest enhancement (Lestat). I am beyond excited to … Continue reading

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