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OGOM Migration Announcement

Dear followers, We have now successfully migrated the Open Graves, Open Minds website and blog from the WordPress domain to our own OGOM domain name here (where we had our original website). This makes us easier to find through the … Continue reading

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Savage Girls and Wild Boys

Those of you who attended the OGOM Company of Wolves Conference will know that I have a special interest in wild or feral children and by coincidence one of the authors that Kaja has just posted on, Katharine Rundell, has … Continue reading

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A Festive Post on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Over on our Facebook page, Bill has just shared an article by the AV Club, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer staked its claim to a twist on a Christmas classic’. It’s a very thoughtful article on the Season Three episode, ‘Amends’, which … Continue reading

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Wolfish Treats

  In the spirit of Christmas and the festive season, I just wanted to post the very thoughtful gift I received from my colleague for Secret Santa. For those who can not appreciate my somewhat dubious camera skills it is … Continue reading

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A Round-Up of the Best YA and Children’s Literature of 2015

The Guardian has written a round-up of the best children’s literature of 2015 (including YA literature). It’s worth looking through for the tales that have Gothic or lupine tropes. There are a few that sprung out for me: Deep Water … Continue reading

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L’Abbe Bordelon’s ‘Monsieur Oufle’ on Radio 4 Extra

There is currently a radio adaptation of Abbe Laurent Bordelon’s A History of the Ridiculous Extravagancies of Monsieur Oufle (1710) on the BBC iPlayer. In the story, the eponymous M. Oufle, a believer in the supernatural and reader of works such … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter’

The New York Times has reviewed the new television programme Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter (2015-) which is appearing on the channel Adult Swim. It looks like a great show for the festive season as our brains get addled by excessive food and … Continue reading

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