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Fantasy and dystopia in the Middle East

It hardly needs saying that fantastic literature, especially in its dystopian mode, is frequently written as political critique. It is potent way of writing against oppression especially under extremely authoritarian and censorial regimes. This is an excellent essay by Alexandra … Continue reading

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Women Writing SF and Fantasy

Some of the most interesting and innovative writing in speculative fiction, science fiction, and fantasy have been women, despite these genre’s domination by men and, possibly, the prevalence of masculine values (especially true of SF). This is a list of … Continue reading

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Disco and Dystopia

With regard to Sam’s remarks on my previous post of a disco Walpurgisnacht, where we saw disco music as antithetical to Gothic, I was just reminded of this. It’s a dystopian Dr Moreau-like fantasy of science going wrong and mutating … Continue reading

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‘International Women’s Day: Why women can thrive in sci-fi’

Today is International Women’s Day  and the BBC have published an article on ‘Why women can thrive in sci-fi’. It considers why sci-fi offers a space to explore alternative relationships with gender especially in regards to feminism. An excellent way to … Continue reading

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CFP: Welcome to the Night Vale

I am very fond of the podcast, ‘Welcome to the Night Vale’, in fact it’s one of the podcasts I enjoyed listening to in order to relax following a hard day researching  – not sure what that says to me. … Continue reading

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Trends in YA paranormal fiction

While procrastinating the other day, I found myself browsing the recommendations that Amazon makes, following a chain of YA paranormal fiction. Three hours later, I recovered from my obsessive frenzy to find £260 worth of books in my basket. The … Continue reading

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Science and the Evolutionary Monster

I really enjoyed this article, ‘Evolutionary Theory and its Monstrous Wonders’ by Donna McCormack. It resonated with the ideas regarding hybridity and monstrosity that I have been exploring in my chapter on Whitley Strieber’s werewolves. It has also got me … Continue reading

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CFP of MLA 2017: Alien Lines

The following CFP for MLA 2017: Alien Lines has been released: ‘The medium of comics—often dominated by genres bound to contemporary concerns or enduring conventions—remains marginal in the study of science fiction. Likewise, the oldest questions driving science fiction scholarship—identity … Continue reading

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CFP: Science Fiction Film and Television

The ‘Science Fiction Film and Television’ journal have released the following on their Facebook page: ‘Science Fiction Film and Television continues to invite submissions for upcoming issues. Preferred length for articles is approximately 7000-9000 words; all topics related to science … Continue reading

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CFP: FINNCON 2016: Fantastic Visions from Faerie to Dystopia, July 1–3, 2016, University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland

Yet another exciting conference on the fantastic–Fantastic Visions from Faerie to Dystopia. Finncon 2016 is one of the largest events in Europe for anyone interested in science fiction and fantasy. By tradition, it is free of membership fee, and offers … Continue reading

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