Vampire Timeline


This timeline shows key texts (literary, cinematic, and TV) and events in the evolution of cultural representations of the vampire. We can’t include everything (adaptations of Dracula alone are countless), but we have chosen items that are the most significant or that we consider particularly interesting. Click on the left and right arrows to move through the history. (We will be continually updating this and are open to suggestions.)


Joseph Pitton de Tournefort, Voyage to the Levant


Anon, 'Political Vampires', in The Craftsman


Jean-Baptiste de Boyer, Marquis d'Argens, The Jewish Spy


Antoine Augustin Calmet, Dissertations on the Apparitions of Angels, of Demons and of Spirits, and on Revenants or Vampires of Hungary, of Bohemia, of Moravia and of Silesia


Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 'Letter to Christophe de Beaumont'


Francois-Marie Arouet de Voltaire, 'Vampires', in Philosophical Dictionary


Gottfried August Bürger, Leonore


Alberto Fortis, Travels Into Dalmatia


John Farrar, 'Of popular illusions, and particularly of medical demonology'


Johann Wolfgang Goethe, The Bride of Corinth


Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Christabel


Ernst Raupach, 'Wake Not the Dead'


Robert Southey, Thalaba the Destroyer


Count Jan Potocki, The Manuscript Found in Saragossa


John Stagg, The Vampire


Jean-Baptiste Benoît Eyriès, Fantasmagoriana. Translations from German of stories from Johann August Apel and Friedrich Laun's Gespensterbuch (1811), and by Johann Karl August Musäus and Heinrich Clauren


Lord George Gordan Byron, The Giaour


  1. Lady Caroline Lamb, Glenarvon
  2. Ghost story telling at the Villa Diodata, with Mary Godwin, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, John Polidori, and Claire Clairmont.


  1. John Polidori, The Vampyre
  2. Uriah Dereck D'Arcy,The Black Vampyre; A Legend of St Domingo


  1. John Keats, Lamia
  2. Cyprien Bérard, Lord Ruthwen, ou Les Vampires
  3. James Planché, The Vampire, or The Bride of the Isles
  4. Charles Nodier, Le Vampire


  1. E. T. A. Hoffman, 'Vampirismus'
  2. Eugène Scribe, Le Vampire


Nikolai Gogol, Viy


Edgar Allan Poe, 'Ligeia'


Théophile Gautier, 'La morte amoureuse'


James Malcolm Rymer, Varney the Vampire


Charlotte Brontë. Jane Eyre


The Phantom World, trans. by Rev. Henry Christmas of Calmet


Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights


Alexandre Duams, Le Vampire


Dion Boucicault, The Vampire


Charles Baudelaire, Les fleurs du mal


Jules Dornay, Douglas le Vampire


William Gilbert, 'The Last Lords of Gardonal'


Sir Richard Burton, Vikram the Vampire


Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla


Guy de Maupassant, 'Le Horla'


  1. Mary Cholmondeley, 'Let Loose'
  2. Emily Gerard, The Land Beyond the Forest: Facts, Figures, and Fancies from Transylvania


Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


  1. Eric, Count Stenbock, 'A True Story of a Vampire'
  2. Aleksei Tolstoy. 'The Family of Vourdalak'
  3. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Parasite
  4. Edvard Munch, The Vampire


George Méliès, The Haunted Castle


  1. Bram Stoker, Dracula
  2. Mary Elizabeth Braddon, 'The Good Lady Ducayne'
  3. Frances Marryat, The Blood of the Vampire
  4. Phillip Burne-Jones, The Vampire (painting)
  5. Rudyard Kipling, 'The Vampire'


F. G. Loring, 'The Tomb of Sarah'


Hume Nisbet, 'The Vampire Maid'


Mary E. Wilkins, 'Luella Miller'


M. R. James, 'Count Magnus'


F. Marion Crawford, 'For the Blood is the Life'


E. F. Benson, 'The Room in the Tower'


F. W. Murnau. Nosferatu

Chronology of Primary Texts

This is a table of key primary vampire texts. You can search for authors, titles, key words, and so on. You can also sort the columns by clicking on the arrows in the headings. Drag the cursor sideways or use the arrow buttons or scroll bar to reveal the hidden columns on the left and click on ‘Next’ at the bottom of the table to see the next 10 entries.

DateName RoleTitleCountryLanguageMediumNotes
1702Joseph Pitton de TournefortAuthorVoyage to the LevantFranceFrenchTreatise
1732anonAuthor'Political Vampires', in The Craftsman
Jean-Baptiste de Boyer, Marquis d'Argens
AuthorThe Jewish SpyFranceFrenchNovel
1746Antoine Augustin CalmetAuthorDissertations on the Apparitions of Angels, of Demons and of Spirits, and on Revenants or Vampires of Hungary, of Bohemia, of Moravia and of SilesiaFranceFrenchTreatise
1762Jean-Jacques Rousseau
AuthorLetter to Christophe de Beaumont'
1764Francois-Marie Arouet de Voltaire
Author'Vampires', in Philosophical Dictionary
1773Gottfried August BürgerAuthorLeonoreGermanyGermanPoem
1774Alberto Fortis
AuthorTravels Into Dalmatia
ItalyItalianTravel narrative
1786John Farrar
AuthorOf popular illusions, and particularly of medical demonology'
1797Johann Wolfgang GoetheAuthorThe Bride of CorinthGermanyGermanPoem
1797-1800Samuel Taylor ColeridgeAuthorChristabelUKEnglishPoem
1800Ernst RaupachAuthor'Wake Not the Dead'GermanyGermanShort storywrongly attributed to Johann Ludwig Tieck
1801Robert SoutheyAuthorThalaba the DestroyerUKEnglishPoem
1805-15Jan Count PotockiAuthorThe Manuscript Found in SaragossaPolandFrenchNovel
1810John StaggAuthorThe VampyreUKEnglishNovel
1811Jean-Baptiste Benoît EyrièsTranslatorFantasmagorianaFranceFrenchShort storiesTranslations from German of stories from Johann August Apel and Friedrich Laun's Gespensterbuch (1811), and by Johann Karl August Musäus and Heinrich Clauren
1812Silvestro di PalmaComposerI VampiriItalyItalianOpera
1813Lord George Gordan ByronAuthorThe GiaourUKEnglishPoem
1816Lady Caroline LambAuthorGlenarvonUKEnglishNovel
1816Ghost story telling at the Villa Diodata, with Mary Godwin, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, John Polidori, and Claire Clairmont.
1818Mary ShelleyAuthorFrankenstein; or, The Modern PrometheusUKEnglishNovel
1819John PolidoriAuthorThe VampyreUKEnglishNovella
1819Lord George Gordan ByronAuthor'A Fragment'UKEnglishShort story
1819Uriah Dereck D'ArcyAuthorThe Black Vampyre; A Legend of St DomingoUSAEnglishNovella
1820Charles NodierAuthorLe VampireFranceFrenchPlay
1820Cyprien BérardAuthorLord Ruthwen, ou Les VampiresUKFrenchNovel
1820James Planché
AuthorThe Vampire, or The Bride of the IslesUKEnglishPlay
1820John KeatsAuthorLamiaUKEnglishPoem
1821E. T. A. HoffmanAuthor'Vampirismus'GermanyGermanShort story
1821Eugène ScribeAuthorLe VampireFranceFrenchPlay
1826Martin-Joseph MengalComposerLe VampireBelgiumFrenchOpera
1828Heinrich MarschnerComposerDer VampyrGermanyGermanOpera
1828Peter Joseph von LindpaintnerComposerDer VampyrGermanyGermanOpera
1834George BlinkAuthorThe Vampire Bride, or Tenant of the TombUKEnglishPlay
1835Alexander PushkinAuthorWurdulak'RussiaRussianPoemFrom Songs of the Western Slavs
1835Nikolai GogolAuthorViyRussiaRussianNovella
1838Edgar Allan PoeAuthor'Ligeia'UKEnglishShort story
1843Théophile GautierAuthor'La morte amoureuse'FranceFrenchShort story
1845-47James Malcolm RymerAuthorVarney the VampireUKEnglishSerial story
1847Charlotte Brontë
AuthorJane EyreUKEnglishNovel
1847Emily Brontë
AuthorWuthering HeightsUKEnglishNovel
1850Rev. Henry Christmas
TranslatorThe Phantom WorldUKEnglishTreatiseTranslation of Calmet
1851Alexandre DumasAuthorLe VampireFranceFrenchPlay
1852Dion BoucicaultAuthorThe VampireUKEnglishPlay
1855-63Alexander AfanasyevCollector'The Vampire' [Upir]RussiaRussianFolk tale
1857Charles BaudelaireAuthorLes fleurs du malFranceFrenchPoems
1865Jules DornayAuthorDouglas le VampireFranceFrenchPlay
1867William Gilbert
Author'The Last Lords of Gardonal'
UKEnglishShort story
1870Sir Richard BurtonAuthorVikram the VampireUKEnglishNovel
1872Sheridan Le FanuAuthorCarmillaUKEnglishNovella
1875Paul Féval
AuthorLa Ville-Vampire [Vampire City]FranceFrenchNovel
1880Milovan GlišićAuthorAfter Ninety Years: The Story of Serbian Vampire Sava SavanovicSerbiaSerbianNovella
1887Guy de MaupassantAuthor'The Horla'FranceFrenchShort story
1890Mary CholmondeleyAuthor'Let Loose'UKEnglishShort story
1890Emily GerardAuthorThe Land Beyond the Forest: Facts, Figures, and Fancies from TransylvaniaUKEnglishTreatise
1891Oscar WildeAuthorThe Picture of Dorian GrayUKEnglishNovel
1894Aleksei TolstoyAuthor'The Family of Vourdalak'RussiaRussianShort story
1894Edvard MunchPainterThe VampireNorwayn/aPainting
1894Eric Count StenbockAuthor'A True Story of a Vampire'GermanyGermanShort story
1894Sir Arthur Conan DoyleAuthorThe ParasiteUKEnglishNovella
1896Georges Méliès
DirectorThe Haunted CastleFranceFrenchFilm
1897Bram StokerAuthorDraculaUKEnglishNovel
1897Frances MarryatAuthorThe Blood of the VampireUKEnglishNovel
1897Mary Elizabeth BraddonAuthorThe Good Lady Ducayne'UKEnglishShort story
1897Philip Burne-JonesAuthorThe VampireUKn/aPainting
1897Rudyard KiplingAuthorThe Vampire'UKEnglishPoem
1900F. G. LoringAuthor'The Tomb of Sarah'UKEnglishShort story
1900Hume NisbetAuthor'The Vampire Maid'UKEnglishShort story
1902Mary E. WilkinsAuthor'Luella Miller'UKEnglishShort story
1904M. R. JamesAuthor'Count Magnus'UKEnglishShort story
1907George Sylvester Viereck AuthorHouse of the VampireUSAEnglishNovel
1911F. Marion CrawfordAuthor'For the Blood is the Life'UKEnglishShort story
1912E. F. BensonAuthor'The Room in the Tower'UKEnglishShort story
1913Robert G. VignolaDirectorThe VampireUSAEnglishFilm
1921Hanns Heinz Ewers AuthorVampyrGermanyGermanNovel
1921K?roly LajthayDirectorDracula's DeathHungaryHungarianFilmThe film has been lost
1922F. W. MurnauDirectorNosferatuGermanyGermanFilm
1924Hamilton DeaneAuthorDraculaUSAEnglishPlayAdaptation of Dracula
1926Edith WhartonAuthor'Bewitched'USAEnglishShort story
1927Tod BrowningDirectorLondon After MidnightUSAEnglishFilmThe film has been lost
1928Montague SummersAuthorThe Vampire: His Kith and KinUKEnglishTreatise
1929Montague SummersAuthorThe Vampire in EuropeUKEnglishTreatise
1931George MelfordDirectorDr?culaUSASpanishFilm
1931Tod BrowningDirectorDraculaUSAEnglishFilm
1932Carl DreyerDirectorVampyrGermany, FranceGermanFilm
1935Tod BrowningDirectorMark of the VampireUSAEnglishFilmRemake of the 1927 silent film London After Midnight
1936Lambert HillyerDirectorDracula's DaughterUSAEnglishFilm
1937Manly Wade WellmanAuthor'School for the Unspeakable'UKEnglishShort story
1938Daphne Du MaurierAuthorRebeccaUKEnglishNovel
1945Vítězslav NezvalAuthorValerie and Her Week of WondersCzechoslovakiaCzechNovelValerie a týden divů
1954Richard MathesonAuthorI Am LegendUSAEnglishNovel
1956Nobuo NakagawaDirectorVampire MothJapanJapaneseFilm
1958Terence FisherDirectorDraculaUKEnglishFilm
1960Roger VadimDirectorBlood and RosesFranceFrenchFilmEt mourir de plaisir; Based on Carmilla
1964Camillo MastrocinqueDirectorLa cripta e l’incuboItalyItalianFilmBased on Carmiila
1966Marilyn RossAuthorDark ShadowsUSAEnglishNovelpen name of W. D. E. Ross' adapted from Dark Shadows TV series
1966-71Dan CurtisCreatorDark ShadowsUSAEnglishTV seriesFirst appearance of Barnabas Collins 1967
1967Roman PolanskiDirectorDance of the VampiresUKEnglishFilmaka The Fearless Vampire Killers
1968Patrick DromgooleDirectorDraculaUKEnglishTV showDenholm Elliott as Dracula; Mystery and Imagination (Series 4, Episode 3).
1969Derek MarloweAuthorA Single Summer With L. B.UKEnglishNovel
1970Jaromil JirešDirectorValerie and Her Week of WondersCzechoslovakiaCzechFilmBased on novel by Vítězslav Nezval
1970Jesús FrancoDirectorCount DraculaSpainSpanishFilmChristopher Lee as Dracula
1970Michio YamamotoDirectorThe Vampire DollJapanJapaneseFilm
1970Roy Ward BarkerDirectorThe Vampire LoversUKEnglishFilmBased on Carmiila
1971Anna ProcházkováDirectorCount Dracula [Hrabě Drakula]CzechoslovakiaCzechFilm
1971Harry K?melDirectorDaughters of DarknessBelgiumEnglishFilm
1971Jes?s FrancoDirectorVampyros LesbosW. GermanyGermanFilm
1971Peter SasdyDirectorCountess DraculaUKEnglishFilm
1971Roy ThomasCreatorMorbius the Living VampireUSAEnglishComicFirst appeared in?The Amazing Spider-Man?no. 101 (October?1971)
1972Vicente ArandaDirectorLa novia ensangrentadaSpainSpanishFilm
1972Vicente ArandaDirectorThe Blood Spattered Bride?[La Novia Ensangrentada]SpainSpanishFilm
1972William CrainDirectorBlaculaUSAEnglishFilm
1972-79Marv WolfmanAuthorTomb of DraculaUSAEnglishComic
1973Anne EdwardsAuthorHaunted SummerUKEnglishNovel
1973Bill GunnDirectorGanja & HessUSAEnglishFilm
1974Dan Curtis DirectorDraculaUKEnglishFilmWritten by Richard Matheson; Jack Palance as Dracula
1974Paul MorrisseyDirectorBlood For DraculaUSAEnglishFilm
1975José Ramón Larraz?DirectorVampyresUKEnglishFilm
1975Stephen KingAuthorSalem's LotUSAEnglishNovel
1976Anne RiceAuthorInterview With the VampireUSAEnglishNovel
1977Eugene WolskProducerDraculaUSAEnglishPlayBroadway revival of Hamilton Dean's play, with Frank Langelle; set design by Edward Gorey
1977Phillip SavilleDirectorCount DraculaUKEnglishTV BBC, Louis Jourdan
1978Chelsea Quinn YarbroAuthorHôtel Transylvania: A Timeless Novel of Love and PerilUSAEnglishNovel
1978George A. RomeroDirectorMartinUSAEnglishFilm
1978Les DanielsAuthorThe Black CastleUSAEnglishNovel
1979Angela CarterAuthor'The Lady of the House of Love'UKEnglishShort storyFrom The Bloody Chamber
1979John BadhamDirectorDraculaUSAEnglishFilmFrank Langella
1979Stan DragotiDirectorLove at First BiteUSAEnglishFilm
1979Tobe HooperDirectorSalem's LotUSAEnglishTV miniseries
1979Werner HerzogDirectorNosferatu the VampireGermanyGermanFilm
1980Fred SaberhagenAuthorThe Dracula TapeUSAEnglishNovel
1980Janusz KondratiukDirectorCarmillaPolandPolishFilm
1980Suzy McKee CharnasAuthorThe Vampire TapestryUSAEnglishNovel
1981Whitley StrieberAuthorThe HungerUSAEnglishNovel
1982George R. R. MartinAuthorFevre DreamUSAEnglishNovel
1983Tony ScottDirectorThe HungerUSAEnglishFilm
1984Emmanuel Carr?reAuthorBravoure [Gothic Romance]FranceFrenchNovel
1984S, P. SomtowAuthorVampire JunctionUSAEnglishNovel
1985Ricky LauDirectorMr VampireHong KongCantoneseFilm
1985Tom HollandDirectorFright NightUSAEnglishFilm
1987Amanda PranteraAuthorConversations with Lord Byron on Perversion, 163 Years After His Lordship’s DeathUKEnglishNovel
1987Joel SchumacherDirectorThe Lost BoysUSAEnglishFilm
1987Kathryn BigelowDirectorNear DarkUSAEnglishFilm
1988Robert BiermanDirectorVampire's KissUSAEnglishFilm
1989Nancy A. CollinsAuthorSunglasses After DarkUSAEnglishNovel
1989Paul WestAuthorLord Byron's DoctorUSAEnglishNovel
1989Tim PowersAuthorThe Stress of Her RegardUSAEnglishNovel
1990Annette Curtis KlauseAuthorThe Silver KissUSAEnglishNovel
1991Jewelle GomezAuthorThe Gilda StoriesUSAEnglishNovel
1991L. J. SmithAuthorThe Vampire DiariesUSAEnglishNovel
1991Lori HerterAuthorObsessionUSAEnglishNovel
1991Robert R. McCammonAuthorThey ThirstUSAEnglishNovel
1992Fran Rubel KuzuiDirectorBuffy the Vampire SlayerUSAEnglishFilm
1992Frances Ford CoppolaDirectorBram Stoker's DraculaUSAEnglishFilm
1992Kim NewmanAuthorAnno DraculaUKEnglishNovel
1992Poppy Z. BriteAuthorLost SoulsUSAEnglishNovel
1992-96Barney CohenCreatorForever KnightCanadaEnglishTV seriesWith James D. Parriott
1993Anne BillsonAuthorSuckersUKEnglishNovel
1993Guillermo del TorroDirectorCronosMexicoSpanishFilm
1993Laurell K. HamiltonAuthorGuilty PleasuresUSAEnglishNovel
1994Christopher PikeAuthorThe Last VampireUKEnglishNovel
1994Michael AlmereydaDirectorNadjaUSAEnglishFilm
1994Neil JordanDirectorInterview With the VampireUSAEnglishFilm
1995Abel FerraraDirectorThe AddictionUSAEnglishFilm
1995Mel BrooksDirectorDracula: Dead and Loving ItUSAEnglishFilm
1995Tom HollandAuthorThe Vampyre: Being the True Pilgrimage of George Gordon, Sixth Lord ByronUKEnglishNovel
1995Vivian Vande VeldeAuthorCompanions of the NightUSAEnglishNovel
1995Mary Downing HahnAuthorLook For Me By MoonlightUSAEnglishNovel
1996Robert RodriguezDirectorFrom Dusk Till DawnUSAEnglishFilm
1997Tananarive DueAuthorMy Soul to KeepUSAEnglishNovel
1997-2003Joss WhedonCreatorBuffy the Vampire SlayerUSAEnglishTV series
1998Federico AndahaziAuthorLas piadosas [The Merciful Women]AregntinaSpanishNovel
1998Joel AhearneCreatorUltravioletUKEnglishTV series
1998John CarpenterDirectorVampiresUSAEnglishFilm
1998Nalo HopkinsonAuthorBrown Girl in the RingCanadaEnglishNovel
1998Sergei LukyanenkoAuthorThe Night WatchRussiaRussianNovel
1998Stephen NorringtonDirectorBladeUSAEnglishFilm
1999Christine FeehanAuthorDark PrinceUSAEnglishNovel
1999Terry PratchettAuthorCarpe JugulumUKEnglishNovel
1999-2004Joss WhedonCreatorAngelUSAEnglishTV seriesWith David Greenwalt
2000Darren ShanAuthorCirque du FreakUKEnglishNovelpen name of Darren O'Shaugnessy
2000E. Elias MerhigeDirectorShadow of the VampireUSAEnglishFilm
2000Hiroyuki KitakuboDirectorBlood: The Last VampireJapanJapaneseAnimated film
2001Charlaine HarrisAuthorDead Until DarkUSAEnglishNovelThe Southern Vampire Mysteries, 1
2001Lee DemarbreDirectorJesus Christ Vampire HunterCanadaEnglishFilm
2002Guy MaddenDirectorDracula: Pages From a Virgin's DiaryCanadaEnglishBallet/Film
2002Noémi Szécsi 
AuthorThe Finno-Ugrian VampireHungaryHungarianNovel
2002Rachel KleinAuthorThe Moth DiariesUSAEnglishNovel
2002Sherilyn KenyonAuthorDark-HuntersUSAEnglishNovel
2003Ellen SchreiberAuthorVampire KissesUSAEnglishNovel
2003Len WisemanDirectorUnderworldUSAEnglishFilm
2003Robin McKinleyAuthorSunshineUSAEnglishNovel
2004Cassandra ClareAuthorCity of BonesUSAEnglishNovel
2004John Ajvide LindqvistAuthorLet the Right One InSwedenSwedishNovel
2004Kim HarrisonAuthorDead Witch WalkingUSAEnglishNovel
2004Tanya HuffAuthorBlood PriceUSAEnglishNovel
2005Elizabeth KostovaAuthorThe HistorianUSAEnglishNovel
2005Hideyuki KikuchiAuthorVampire Hunter DJapanJapaneseGraphic novelYoshitaka Amano (Illustrator), Kevin Leahy (Translator)
2005J. R. WardAuthorDark LoverUSAEnglishNovel
2005Lynsay SandsAuthorA Quick BiteUSAEnglishNovel
2005Octavia ButlerAuthorFledglingUSAEnglishNovel
2005Scott WesterfieldAuthorPeepsUSAEnglishNovel
2005Carrie VaughnAuthorKitty and the Midnight HourUSAEnglishNovel
2005Stephenie MeyerAuthorTwilightUSAEnglishNovel
2006Patricia BriggsAuthorMoon CalledUSAEnglishNovel
2006David WellingtonAuthor13 BulletsUSAEnglishNovel
2006Keri ArthurAuthorFull Moon RisingUKEnglishNovel
2006Kresley ColeAuthorThe Warlord Wants ForeverUSAEnglishNovel
2006Marcus SedgwickAuthorMy Swordhand Is SingingUKEnglishNovel
2006Melissa de la CruzAuthorBlue BloodsUSAEnglishNovel
2006Rachel CaineAuthorGlass HousesUSAEnglishNovel
2007Benjamin MarkovitsAuthorImpostureUKEnglishNovel
2007Cynthia Leitich SmithAuthorTantalizeUSAEnglishNovel
2007David SladeDirector30 Days of NightUSAEnglishFilm
2007Jeanene FrostAuthorHalf Way to the GraveUSAEnglishNovel
2007Karen ChanceAuthorTouch the DarkUSAEnglishNovel
2007P. C. CastAuthorMarkedUSAEnglishNovelWith Kristin Cast
2007Richelle MeadAuthorVampire AcademyUSAEnglishNovel
2008Catherine HardwickeDirectorTwilightUSAEnglishFilm
2008Claudia GrayAuthorEvernightUSAEnglishNovel
2008Daniel WatersAuthorGeneration DeadUSAEnglishNovel
2008Jocelyn DrakeAuthorNightwalkerUSAEnglishNovel
2008Karen ChanceAuthorMidnight's DaughterUSAEnglishNovel
2008Marcus SedgwickAuthorThe Kiss of DeathUKEnglishNovel
2008Moira BuffiniAuthorA Vampire StoryUKEnglishPlay
2008Tomas AlfredsonDirectorLet the Right One InSwedenSwedishFilm
2008-13Toby WhithouseCreatorBeing HumanUKEnglishTV series
2008-14Alan BallCreatorTrue BloodUSAEnglishTV series
2009Alyxandra HarveyAuthorMy Love Lies BleedingUSAEnglishNovel
2009Chloe NeillAuthorSome Girls BiteUSAEnglishNovel
2009Faith HunterAuthorSkinwalkerUSAEnglishNovel
2009Francisca Lia BlockAuthorPretty DeadUSAEnglishNovel
2009Gail CarrigerAuthorSoullessUSAEnglishNovel
2009Guillermo del TorroAuthorThe StrainUSAEnglishNovelWith Chuck Hogan
2009Michael Thomas FordAuthorJane Bites Back: A NovelUSAEnglishNovel
2009Nalini SinghAuthorAngels' BloodUSAEnglishNovel
2009Park Chan-wookDirectorThirstSouth KoreaKoreanFilm
2009Robert MaselloAuthorBlood and IceUSAEnglishNovel
2009The Spierig Brothers DirectorDaybreakersAustraliaEnglishFilm
2009-17Kevin WilliamsonCreatorThe Vampire DiariesUSAEnglishTV seriesand Julie Pec
2010Carlos FuentesAuthorVladMexicoSpanishNovel
2010Justin CroninAuthorThe PassageUSAEnglishNovel
2010Karen EssexAuthorDracula in LoveUSAEnglishNovel
2010Mia JamesAuthorBy MidnightUKEnglishNovel
2010Seth Grahame-SmithAuthorAbraham Lincoln, Vampire HunterUSAEnglishNovel
2010Syrie JamesAuthorDracula, My Love: The Secret Journals of Mina Harker?USAEnglishNovel
2010-21Scott SnyderCreatorAmerican VampireUSAEnglishComicWith Stephen King
2011Deborah HarknessAuthorA Discovery of WitchesUSAEnglishNovel
2011Marcus SedgwickAuthorMidwinterbloodUKEnglishNovel
2011Mary HarronDirectorThe Moth DiariesCanadaEnglishFilm
2011Paul MagrsAuthor666 Charing Cross RoadUKEnglishNovel
2012Neil JordanDirectorByzantiumIrelandEnglishFilm
2013Brooklyn AnnAuthorBite Me, Your GraceUSAEnglishNovel
2013Jim JarmuschDirectorOnly Lovers Left AliveUSAEnglishFilm
2013Julie KagawaAuthorDawn of EdenUSAEnglishNovel
2014Ana Lily AmirpourDirectorA Girl Walks Home Alone at NightUSAPersianFilm
2014Gary ShoreDirectorDracula UntoldUSAEnglishFilm
2014-16Jordan HallCreatorCarmillaCanadaEnglishWeb serieswith Steph Ouaknine, and Jay Bennett
2015Holly BlackAuthorThe Coldest Girl in ColdtownUSAEnglishNovel
2016Silvia Moreno-GarciaAuthorCertain Dark ThingsUSAEnglishNovel
2017Spencer MaybeeDirectorThe Carmilla MovieCanadaEnglishFilm
2019Emily HarrisDirectorCarmillaUKEnglishFilm
2019P. J. ParkerAuthorOrigin of the VampyreUSAEnglishNovel
2019Renée AhdiehAuthorThe BeautifulUSAEnglishNovel
2019-Jermaine ClementCreatorWhat We Do in the ShadowsUSAEnglishTV series
2020Sarah AndersenAuthorFangsUSAEnglishGraphic novel
2022S. T. GibsonAuthorA Dowry of BloodUSAEnglishNovel