Bram Stoker Centenary 2012

Bram Stoker Centenary Symposium (20-21 April, 2012)

Coverage includes the Guardian, Telegraph, Times, Independent plus local papers

You can watch video coverage here:

The Guardian – live podcast of talk from the symposium:

Press Articles:

Bram Stoker is Undead Monday 23rd April

Dracula stakes its claim as Hatfield academics uncover Bram Stoker’s ashes

10:53pm Thursday 29th March 2012

The Guardian 14th April The Week in Books ‘Stoker’s Centenary’ (not available online)

The Sun, ‘Lets Give Vampires Their Teeth back’ (double page spread by Sam) Sat April 28th

Independent on Sunday, 22 April, 2012

Dracula bites back! Gothic legacy in danger from touchy-feely, fictional vampires

 Stoker experts bite back against Twilight and ‘Americanised’ teen vampires

Times Higher Education, 20 April, 2012‎

US TV and movies threaten to overshadow Count Dracula, warns descendant of …

Camden New Journal newspaper’s website – ‎Apr 19, 2012‎

Independent on Sunday, 22 April The Diary: Damien Hirst; Cate Blanchett; Granta magazine; Assassination Diaries; Bram Stoker

Marcus Sedgwick, writer and speaker at the event:

Feedback and comments:

Dear Sam

Congratulations on an excellent and well-put-together conference. Hertfordshire is lucky to have you!

With very best wishes

(Sir Christopher Frayling)

 Dear Sam

Congratulations on having put together such a smooth-running and diverse conference in such a delightful setting. And thanks so much for inviting me – an honour.

Very best

(Kevin Jackson, author and critic)

Dear Sam

I just wanted to email you to thank you for all of your hard work organising such a great symposium. It was intellectually stimulating, well organised and just plain fun.  I hope you will be able to rest up a bit now that it is behind you.

I really enjoyed meeting everyone at the conference and look forward to future events.

Best wishes

(Dr Stacey Abbott)

Sam, a vampiric echo of Stacey’s sentiments… I can’t remember the last time I had such an inspirational two days, full of ideas, enthusiastic conversation, fantastic food and drink, and lovely people in a perfect setting. Now this either means that I should get out more, or that the Stoker symposium was a thing of beauty. I’m going to opt for the latter, although I know that the former is true…

Thanks for all your efforts, and for Bill’s too. I hope your nerves recover soon and that you managed some form of recuperation.

I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated my involvement in the OGOM project and I’m sure the book will be a wonderful contribution to this rich and growing field of study. I would say fangs for the memories, but I think we’re trying to give up the puns…


(Dr Ivan Phillips)

Hi Sam

Yes I’d like to third Stacey and Ivan’s comments. It takes a huge amount of work to do what you have done. And the result was both great fun and as illuminating as ever.

Here’s to the launch party of OGOM, whenever and wherever that may be :-)


(Marcus Sedgwick, writer)

Why does the rest of the world get up earlier than me, and then e-mail the very congratulations that are in my own mind? Come to think of it, why am I unable to walk in sunlight?

I’d just like to add my own sincere thanks and congratulations to Sam for what was a remarkable and stimulating symposium. I do hope we’ll all find the occasion to meet up again for another un-dead gathering.

Very best wishes,

(Prof. William Hughes)

Dear Sam,
Thanks so much for such an interesting and thought-provoking two days. I have attached some of my photos as a souvenir – I posted the one of you on facebook in the album, but should have asked your permission, sorry. I can take it off if you prefer. We were all really moved when you said we will be mentioned in the dedication.

Best wishes
Bev Dear

(MA student)

Many thanks from me, too. The whole thing was excellent – and it was lovely to meet you all,


(Paul Magrs, novelist)

Hi Sam,

I didn’t have a chance to properly thank you before leaving on Saturday – so many thanks for allowing us the opportunity to run a stall at the event. I had a wonderful time and the venue was sensational.

Best of luck with the book, we’ll make sure that it’s kept in stock at the bookshop.


(Waterstones, Hatfield)

I have arrived in Provence – safe and sound!
Thank you so much for the conference. It was a hectic couple of days but worth every minute. I wish I could have stayed for the final sessions but I was just too exhausted.
You did a fine job. Congratulations.


(Prof. Elizabeth Miller)

Thanks very much for having me.  I very much enjoyed the day of the event I was there.

All the best

(Kim Newman, novelist)

Dear Sam,
I’ve just got back from my extended travels and back online… so I’m adding my thanks somewhat belatedly, but I too wanted to say what a fantastic event, with so much thought and care put into the details. Thank you so much for all your efforts in making the weekend really special. I can’t wait for the next instalment of the project – and the chance to catch up with everyone again!

Best wishes,

(Dr Catherine Spooner)

Dear Sam,

Thanks so much to you and Bill for a magical event and for your wonderful hospitality and company!

I’ll be in touch asap about those plays etc.


(Dr Catherine Wynne)

Hi Sam

This is just a belated note – belated because I’ve been up to my neck in a mock REF exercise all week as a research lead and, God help me, ‘impact champion’ (does anyone cost these things in term of staff hours) – to say thank you for the Keats House event.  It was one of the most memorable and enjoyable symposia that I have ever attended.  I’m only sorry that I missed the second day because of having to get back to complete REF documents for the following week.

Do keep me in the loop for any future events or happenings, and I look forward to reading the book when it appears.

All the best

(Prof. Peter Hutchings, Department of Arts, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Northumbria University)