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Will the Blood Moon Come Too Soon?

Serpents, dragons, jaguars, bats and wolves are all associated with the eclipse, according the Smithsonian Magazine’s What Folklore Tells us About the Eclipse.  You have probably heard of the myth of the wolf who swallows the sun or moon causing an eclipse or … Continue reading

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What Happens to a Werewolf in the Harvest Moon?

The condition of  shapeshifting into a wolf in the full moon is, of course, known as lycanthropy. September brings us the full moon closest to the Autumn equinox.  The Harvest Moon will appear bigger and brighter tonight and will inspire … Continue reading

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The Cinematic History of Fake Blood

Claret, the red stuff, gore, ichor, life fluid, strawberry jam, protesters free-bleeding at the gates of parliament. It seems like blood is everywhere. Pertinent given the conversations that I have been having with Sam regarding the Books of Blood project on … Continue reading

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Bad Moon Rising: A Song for Lycanthropes

In response to Kaja’s posting of the ‘Devil went Down to Georgia’ in Some Interesting YA and the Gothic Texts and in celebration of William the Bloody’s post on the publication of the first online edition  of the Penny Dreadful … Continue reading

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Werewolves and the Gothic: In Search of the Spectre Wolf (22nd October 2022 – London Month of the Dead)

London Month of the Dead is an annual festival of death and the arts supporting London’s magnificent seven cemeteries:  Kensal Green (1832); West Norwood (1837); Highgate (1839); Abney Park (1840); Nunhead (1840); Brompton (1840); Tower Hamlets (1841). The programme this … Continue reading

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Nosferatu 100: Flash Fiction

Here are the entries for the Nosferatu at 100 Vampire Flash Fiction competition. We are pleased to announce that the winning entry is no. 5, by Becca Gransbury – congratulations, Becca!! 1 You’d been bitten in adolescence, in secret. It … Continue reading

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Vampire Timeline

Timeline This timeline shows key texts (literary, cinematic, and TV) and events in the evolution of cultural representations of the vampire. We can’t include everything (adaptations of Dracula alone are countless), but we have chosen items that are the most … Continue reading

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Lady Caroline Lamb (13 November 1785–25 January 1828) – Byronic vampires and romance

Lady Caroline Lamb, whose birthday it would have been on 13 November (I’m a bit late!), famously judged Lord Byron ‘Mad, bad, and dangerous’, having had a brief and tempestuous affair with him. This relationship inspired her novel Glenarvon (1816), … Continue reading

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Session Speakers and Abstracts

* Click on the arrows to expand author biographies and abstracts of papers. 1. Marita Arvaniti (University of Glasgow) Marita Arvaniti is a PhD student in the University of Glasgow. Her research examines the lasting effect theatre has had in … Continue reading

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Speakers and Abstracts

*** Click on the arrows to expand author biographies and abstracts of papers 1 Prof. Nick Groom (University of Exeter) Prof. Nick Groom has published extensively on the Gothic, writing on subjects ranging from eighteenth-century mediaevalist poetry to the songs … Continue reading

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