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Happy Gothic Hogmanay – You Can Close Your Box Now Pandora!

I am hoping Pandora will close her box today for the Hogmanay and we can all celebrate the rise of Happy Gothic!! 2017 will see the launch of the OGOM Research Centre and the completion of our ‘Company of Wolves’ … Continue reading

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Have Yourselves A Gothicky Merry Christmas From OGOM!

Gothicky Merry Christmas OGOMERS!! Pandora seemed to reopen her box in 2016 and no end of horrors were let loose upon the world from Brexit to Trump (with Bowie’s death seemingly acting as a catalyst for things falling apart). Happily … Continue reading

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OGOM Celebrates the Rise of Dr Kaja Franck

Woo hoo…huge congratulations to Kaja who passed her PhD viva today!!! Dr Franck OGOM is very, very proud of you. It has been a joy and a delight to supervise you from day one. We are all so very pleased … Continue reading

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Folk Gothic and Folk Noir

We’ve mentioned the growing interest in folk Gothic a couple of times on this site, where the darkness of Gothic narrative roots itself in folk traditions (or invented replicas of such traditions). Folklore, too, interests us in the form of … Continue reading

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The Company of Wolves: Angela Carter and Neil Jordan

From the brilliant Angela Carter Online website (thanks to Caleb Sivyer), here’s a fascinating discussion between Angela Carter and Neil Jordan, the director of the film adaptation of Carter’s wolf narratives as The Company of Wolves.

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Theodore von Holst, ‘Frankenstein’ (1831)

A very erudite and penetrating article here by Ian Haywood of the University of Roehampton on the frontispiece to Mary Shelley’s 1831 edition of Frankenstein by Theodore von Holst, a protégé of Henry Fuseli. Haywood’s essay uses the image of … Continue reading

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Gothic Sensibilities: Charlotte Bronte Stitches Her Dead Sibling’s Hair Into Her Shoes

Just when you thought the Bronte sisters could not get any more gothic Charlotte Bronte’s silk shoes from 1850 reveal that she repaired them using her dead sibling’s hair!! This may seem maudlin to us but it was evidently an … Continue reading

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