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Why I believe in the story of ‘Old Stinker’ the Hull Werewolf

Sabine Baring-Gould claims that ‘English folklore is singularly barren of werewolf stories , the reason being that wolves had been extirpated from England under the Anglo Saxon kings, and therefore ceased to be the object of dread to the people’ … Continue reading

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The Gothic influence of Snow White’s Evil Queen

The website has published a very interesting article, ‘Ayesha, White as Snow: H. Rider Haggard’s She and Walt Disney’s Evil Queen’. As the title suggests, the author of the piece, Gilbert Colon, looks at the similarities between Haggard’s eponymous protagonist and … Continue reading

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Open Graves, Open Minds reporting on the Werewolf of Hull

Yesterday I was interviewed for the Mark Forrest Show which was doing a segment on the Werewolf of Hull or, as it is now commonly referred to, ‘Old Stinker’. You can listen to my five minutes of fame here. (I’m … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Reimagining the Gothic’, 6th-7th May 2016

‘Reimagining the Gothic 2016: Monsters and Monstrosities’ took place on 6th-7th May. It consisted of two days: the first being a showcase which featured both postgraduates and undergraduates working in the field of the Gothic presenting their work to the … Continue reading

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Gothic Spaces and Standing Stones

I have just stumbled across this wonderful blog, Celluloid Wicker Man, which is run by writer and filmmaker Adam Scovell. He is particularly interested on Folk Horror which can be seen in this incredibly interesting series of posts, ‘Uncanny Portals … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast: A modernist transformation by Clarice Lispector

‘Beauty and the Beast’ seems to me to be a rather important fairy tale. It’s the architext of paranormal romance, the story whose narrative form and themes lies at the heart of all those romantic encounters between human and other, … Continue reading

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Dracula; the first edition

On this day (16 May), 1897, that seminal text of open graves and the Undead, Bram Stoker’s Dracula was published. The British Library’s website (an excellent resource) has a valuable little piece on that first edition here.

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Ancient Werewolf Known as ‘Old Stinker’ Sparks Folk Panic in UK

Who would have thought it there is now a real life folk panic in Yorkshire following the sightings of ‘Old Stinker’ an eight foot werewolf spotted in the Wolds. Kaja has already posted on this and commented on the myth that … Continue reading

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Werewolf Sightings in Yorkshire

The Daily Express (amongst other tabloid papers) has reported on a series of presumed werewolf sightings in the Yorkshire Wolds. Now, sadly I am not donning a leather outfit and heading north with a holster and silver bullets, however I … Continue reading

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Maria Tatar

Maria Tatar is John L. Loeb Professor of Germanic Languages and Literature at Harvard University and an expert on children’s literature, German literature, and folklore. She is editor of the Norton Classic Fairy Tales. She coedited (with Erika Eichenseer) the … Continue reading

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