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Review of ‘Howl’ (2015)

Earlier this year I posted about an upcoming British werewolf movie called Howl (2015) and a little about how it had been received and last week I managed to get a copy from my local library. The film stars Ed Speleers as … Continue reading

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The best recent science fiction and horror – A roundup from The Guardian

Just to keep your reading list growing, here’s a round-up from The Guardian on the latest and greatest publications in science fiction and horror.

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Gothic Blooms: The Dark Sunflower

Following my post on Bloody and Monstrous Flowers. I thought I would picture my gothic sunflower. I have grown black tulips in the past but this is much more beautiful and surprising. I have commented on flowers that are thought … Continue reading

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Wolf Alice Late at the Library

There is a Late at the Library Fairy Tale and Wonderland Event at the BL on 21st November which looks really magical. You can see a performance of Wolf Alice and take part in some scarily dark adventures through mirrors … Continue reading

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Bloody and Monstrous Flowers: These Tulips Should Be Behind Bars

There has been a lot of discussion about Poppies recently in relation to remembrance. I was outed as a botanist by a  journalist in The Independent  at the OGOM Company of Wolves conference because of my earlier work Botany, Sexuality … Continue reading

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The Cinematic History of Fake Blood

Claret, the red stuff, gore, ichor, life fluid, strawberry jam, protesters free-bleeding at the gates of parliament. It seems like blood is everywhere. Pertinent given the conversations that I have been having with Sam regarding the Books of Blood project on … Continue reading

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Gothic Doubling and the Double, Gothically by Katherine Bowers

Over on the Facebook site, Bill has shared this very interesting article about the Double as a Gothic trope. Written by Katherine Bowers, ‘Gothic Doubling and the Double, Gothically’ looks at Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Double (1846) and how it has been reproduced … Continue reading

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ITV This Morning: Frankenstein

Here’s some footage from ITV This Morning’s ‘History of Horror’ on Frankenstein with Charlie Higson, yours truly, Prof. William Hughes and Sir Chris Frayling. I seem to be the only one in the studio and they already had their narrative in place … Continue reading

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Review of Gothic Manchester’s ‘What Lies Beneath’

There was a deep irony to my journey north for ‘‘What Lies Beneath’, the symposium to mark the Gothic Manchester Festival because what lay beneath the venue was a very big part of my youth – The Cornerhouse. Cornerhouse was … Continue reading

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Black Dogs and Hell Hounds

Ted Hughes described this time of year as ‘The month of the drowned dog’ in his evocative poem ‘November’ where after long rain ‘the land  was sodden as the bed of an ancient lake/ Treed with iron and was bird … Continue reading

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