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Fairy News: Jeanette Ng, Holly Black, Carnival Row, Queen Mab, and Irish sidhe

the fae are the mythical creatures of the hour. Sometimes they’re portrayed as monstrous, sometimes as tricksters, sometimes as sensuous love interests So says Samantha Shannon, who is herself a superb fantasy novelist. So the next OGOM event, our conference … Continue reading

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Genre, dreadpunk, mannerpunk, the female Gothic

What constitutes a genre or subgenre and whether even the concept of genre itself has any use is much debated; it’s certainly a focal point of OGOM research, where we’re often concerned with what happens when genres collide or mate, … Continue reading

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CfA: The Victorian Roots of Fantasy

A Call for Articles on the Victorian roots of fantasy for the journal Fantasy Art and Studies (deadline 10 December 2017). Undoubtedly the Victorian era was a fruitful period for the emergence of imaginative fiction. Now, at a moment when … Continue reading

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The Obscure Cities

These illustrations from François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters’s series of graphic novels, Les Cités Obscures depict a marvellous steampunk-ish parallel world that I hope you find delightful. Thanks to the Messy Nessy Cabinet of Chic Curiosities website, which is full of treats … Continue reading

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CFP: Steampunk: Then, Now, and Then Again, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln 25-27 August 2017

Not much time left to respond to this CFP for a steampunk conference, in conjunction with the Asylum Steampunk Festival–deadline 14 April 2017. Despite the development of both science fiction and Neo-Victorian studies, academia has been slow to engage with … Continue reading

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CFP: Space and place in Neo-Victorian Literature and Culture, Lancaster University, 23 June 2017

CFP for a conference at Lancaster University, Space and place in Neo-Victorian Literature and Culture (deadline 30 April 2017): This conference responds to the genre of neo-Victorianism from the perspective of space and place. It aims to probe how a … Continue reading

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Steampunk and Neo-Victorianism

The rapid interbreeding of genres around fantastic literature in general but particularly (and this has been my focus) with YA fantasy has found Neo-Victorian/Steampunk in bed with paranormal romance; I’m hoping to write about a couple of novels with this … Continue reading

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Whitby, Goth, and Steampunk

An incisive article here by Claire Nally of Northumbria University on the proliferation of subcultures around Goth and steampunk, focusing on Whitby (and a nod to OGOM collaborator Catherine Spooner’s work).

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Gail Carriger

Gail Carriger writes fiction which is a lively fusion of steampunk with paranormal romance, notably the Parasol Protectorate and Custard Protocol series. She has set up a new website; I’ve added it to the links visible on the Blog page. … Continue reading

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Adaptation Again! Neverland and Wonderland

Literature is a fluctuating web of reinvention, translation, and reworking, of plots and genres. Classic literary fictions can be adapted as well as myths and folklore; here’s a review of five YA variations on Peter Pan and the Alice books, … Continue reading

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