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Frankenstein: essays and 1910 film

A bit behind with blogging, so quite a few Frankenstein items have accumulated (it being, as I’m sure you’ll know, the 200th anniversary of the novel’s publication). First, a brief discussion, with some very useful links, of the claim by … Continue reading

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An Interview with Ursula Le Guinn

Fascinating interview with the seminal fantasy and science fiction writer Ursula Le Guinn, author of the children’s YA Earthsea series, the classic SF novels The Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed, and many others. Le Guin discusses world-building, the ‘soft’ sciences … Continue reading

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The Myth of Frankenstein and Scientific Hubris

Here’s an excellent essay by Phillip Ball, ‘“Frankenstein” Reflects the Hopes and Fears of Every Scientific Era‘ that challenges the oft-circulated idea that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is directed against the hubris of scientists. Sometimes, this is framed as feminist critique, but … Continue reading

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CFP: Steampunk: Then, Now, and Then Again, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln 25-27 August 2017

Not much time left to respond to this CFP for a steampunk conference, in conjunction with the Asylum Steampunk Festival–deadline 14 April 2017. Despite the development of both science fiction and Neo-Victorian studies, academia has been slow to engage with … Continue reading

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Werewolves, pulp fiction, and folklore

OGOM’s very own Kaja Franck has contributed a fascinating item, ‘Old Tails in New Bottles: Folklore’s Influence on Pulp Fiction Werewolves‘ to the marvellous Folklore Thursday website, talking about the interactions between and generic transformations among popular fiction and folkloric … Continue reading

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Science and the Evolutionary Monster

I really enjoyed this article, ‘Evolutionary Theory and its Monstrous Wonders’ by Donna McCormack. It resonated with the ideas regarding hybridity and monstrosity that I have been exploring in my chapter on Whitley Strieber’s werewolves. It has also got me … Continue reading

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The Science of Lycanthropy

The website for ‘The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency’ has a page dedicated to the science of Lycanthropy. Whilst there are plenty of other pages and books dedicated to pseudo-scientific frameworks for the existence of monsters – Max Brooks’ The Zombie … Continue reading

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David Bowie, science, and Gothic absurdity

A few more Bowie-related links, here. Science Fiction is, one might say, a rationalising mode of the fantastic; SF motifs feature frequently in Bowie’s work from ‘Space Oddity’ to his penultimate single ‘Blackstar’ (the video of which combines elements of … Continue reading

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Octavia Butler’s ‘Fledgling’ and Queer Black Vampire Mythology

For my sins, I have not read Octavia Butler’s Fledgling (2005). However this article ‘Fledgling and Queer Black Vampire Mythology’, part of Autostraddle’s ‘Hidden Gems of Queer Lit’ series, makes me think I may need to get hold of a copy,

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The First Global Fairy Census Wants To Hear About Your Close Encounters

A fascinating account by Jess Zimmerman of investigation into the existence of and encounter with fairies.

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