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Something to Howl About: OGOM Gothic Studies Special Issue, ‘Werewolves and Wildness’

We’re excited to announce that we have submitted our special issue of Gothic Studies on ‘Werewolves, Wild Children and Wilderness‘ to Edinburgh University Press for publication in May, 2019.  This is the first of two publications that have developed from … Continue reading

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10K Shares for OGOM Wolves and Werewolves Research!!

The university press office have confirmed that we have had a remarkable 10,000 shares for coverage of our Company of Wolves project in The Independent.  This is an astounding testimony to the impact of our wolfish research and is excellent news … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland

Some items that I’ve recently spotted on the Alice books. First, a 1915 silent film of Alice in Wonderland that looks amazing–I’d not come across this before. Then the first of a series of broadcasts on CBC: ‘Curioser and Curioser’. … Continue reading

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Werewolves and Wildness: OGOM Publication News

This is the second publication to develop out of our fantastic Company of Wolves conference. There has never been an edition of Gothic Studies on werewolves so this is an absolute first! Thank you to all the contributors for their … Continue reading

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OGOM Company of Wolves: The Book

Woo hoo. We are proud to present the details of the OGOM Company of Wolves book (MUP, 2017). There are 3 publications in total (one book and two special journal issues) and this is the first. More to follow on the … Continue reading

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Photographs of Children Raised by Wolves

The photographer Julia Fullerton Batten has created a series of images of wolf children, or children supposedly raised by animals. In Feral: The Children Raised by Wolves, Fiona Macdonald reports that these pictures have a ‘dreamlike, fairy-tale quality’, and yet the lives … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Rules for Werewolves’ by Kirk Lynn

This is a very exciting and promising review from The Guardian for Kirk Lynn’s Rules for Werewolves (2015). It shows the increasing variation in presentations of lycanthropy and the overlaps between weres and feral children. Definitely one to get your teeth into … Continue reading

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‘Wolfgirl’ Trailer

Earlier this year NBC ran a competition to find the next ‘ground-breaking comedy’. One of the potential comedies was called ‘Wolfgirl’ and the mini-episode is still available to watch on YouTube. Unfortunately voting is no longer open and the winner … Continue reading

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Savage Girls and Wild Boys

Those of you who attended the OGOM Company of Wolves Conference will know that I have a special interest in wild or feral children and by coincidence one of the authors that Kaja has just posted on, Katharine Rundell, has … Continue reading

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OGOM Company of Wolves Conference: Extended Call for Papers

OGOM: ‘The Company of Wolves’: Sociality, Animality, and Subjectivity in Literary and Cultural Narratives—Werewolves, Shapeshifters, and Feral Humans Conference, University of Hertfordshire, Sept 3rd-5th 2015 Extended Call for Papers and Panels OGOM is extending its call for papers for its … Continue reading

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