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Animals and Us

John Berger’s groundbreaking essay ‘Why Look at Animals’ (1980; Penguin, Great Ideas, 2009) has inspired a new exhibition ‘Animals and Us’ at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate. Berger argued that the ancient relationship between man and nature had been severed … Continue reading

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OGOM at the Being Human Festival 2017

We are proud to announce that OGOM has been successful in its bid to participate in the Being Human Festival 2017. Our event is detailed below: Animal-Human Boundaries: Banishing the Big, Bad Wolf Saturday 18th November, University of Hertfordshire 6.30. … Continue reading

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A preview by Amy Cranswick of what looks like a wonderful animated film of motifs that prompted OGOM’s Company of Wolves conference–wild children, wolves, and werewolves–‘First look at Tomm Moore’s next animated feature Wolfwalkers‘. Moore is the creator of The Secret … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale Films and Gothic Forests at the Barbican, 3-25 May 2017

A season of films on fairy tale and Gothic forests, Into the Woods at the Barbican (including Neil Jordan’s adaptation of Angela Carter’s tales, The Company of Wolves, which inspired OGOM’s 2015 conference). Join us as we venture in to the … Continue reading

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Wolves of Finland

An interesting article here by Patrick Barkham on the conflicting attitudes to wolves in Finland. Some of the issues raised in OGOM’s Company of Wolves conference (and featuring in our forthcoming book) on our relationship to nature and the image … Continue reading

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Red — an animated retelling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

OGOM’s Company of Wolves conference in 2015 explored the figure of the wolf, the werewolf, and wild children (often thought to have been raised by wolves themselves). An edited collection and two special journal issues will emerge soon from this … Continue reading

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The Company of Wolves: Angela Carter and Neil Jordan

From the brilliant Angela Carter Online website (thanks to Caleb Sivyer), here’s a fascinating discussion between Angela Carter and Neil Jordan, the director of the film adaptation of Carter’s wolf narratives as The Company of Wolves.

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Angela Carter: Wolves and other beasts

I won’t apologise for another post on the brilliant Angela Carter! This is an excellent article by Kat Ellinger on the wonderful Neil Jordan/Angela Carter collaboration The Company of Wolves. It shows how the source material of the film derives … Continue reading

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Werewolves and Wildness: OGOM Publication News

This is the second publication to develop out of our fantastic Company of Wolves conference. There has never been an edition of Gothic Studies on werewolves so this is an absolute first! Thank you to all the contributors for their … Continue reading

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Saint Death: 2017 The Year of Mexican Gothic

Marcus Sedgwick has been linked to OGOM since its beginnings in 2010. He has appeared at all 3 conferences and has generously offered up essays for both of the OGOM edited collections. His latest essay is intriguingly called ‘Wolves and … Continue reading

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