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Glenarvon, Polidori, and Gothic Romance

OGOM’s recent symposium, ‘Some curious disquiet’: Polidori, the Byronic vampire, and its progeny‘ was a huge success and we’d like to thank again everyone who made it possible, form the brilliant speakers to the very supportive visitors and the staff … Continue reading

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‘Some Curious Disquiet’: Highlights from Polidori, the Byronic Vampire and It’s Progeny, 6th-7th April, Keats House, Hampstead, 2019

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Vampire’s Rebirth

Vampire’s rebirth: from monstrous undead creature to sexy and romantic Byronic seducer in one ghost story The Nightmare by John Henry Fuseli. Detroit Institute of Arts Sam George, University of Hertfordshire Victorian physician John Polidori took the vampire out of … Continue reading

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‘Polidori, the Byronic vampire & its progeny’ April 6th-7th 2019

‘Some curious disquiet’: Polidori, the Byronic vampire, and its progeny A symposium for the bicentenary of The Vampyre’ 6-7 April 2019, Keats House, Hampstead We’re beyond excited to announce our next event (above) in the spring. John Polidori published his … Continue reading

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Summer of 1816: Creativity and Turmoil

What a fabulous conference Summer of 1816: Creativity and Turmoil at the University of Sheffield was! Brilliant organisation by the wonderful Angela Wright and Madeleine Callaghan. I’m feeling that post-conference melancholy. Met some great new people and caught up with … Continue reading

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Chris Riddell’s Goth Girl and the Wuthering Fright

I have been lucky enough to finish reading Chris Riddell’s latest book in the Goth Girl series, Goth Girl and the Wuthering Fright (2015). The series follows the adventures of Ada Goth, the daughter of the renowned poet Lord Goth who is ‘mad, … Continue reading

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Before Bram: a timeline of vampire literature

More useful information from Roger Luckhurst on the origins of the vampire. This timeline illustrates the ethnographic and literary precursors of Stoker’s Dracula.

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CFP: ‘Summer of 1816: Creativity and Turmoil’, University of Sheffield, 24-27 June, 2016

I’m very much looking forward to this conference, ‘Summer of 1816: Creativity and Turmoil’, celebrating that moment of the Shelley-Byron circle when both Frankenstein and the literary vampire were born ‘The year without a summer’, as 1816 was known, was … Continue reading

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Spectral Visions: Interview with Bill Hughes

Stephanie Gallon, of the University of Sunderland’s Spectral Visions group, has interviewed me here about the Open Graves, Open Minds Project and paranormal romance. I enjoyed the interview very much; her questions were relevant and challenging and helped me clarify … Continue reading

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Frankenstein and the Vampyre: A Dark and Stormy Night

An account of that seminal moment when both Frankenstein and the literary vampire were born; part of BBC4’s season on Gothic. I’ve not watched this yet (not having a TV), but the very erudite Dr Angela Wright of the University … Continue reading

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