Redeeming the Wolf: Educational Pack

Following our visit to the Educational and Research Committee at the UK Wolf Trust, we have developed educational packs for sixth forms. We built on our findings from the OGOM Being Human event ‘Redeeming the Wolf’ where we used flash cards to initiate a three-word challenge and to measure the audience’s perceptions of the wolf before and after our activities. These packs have been used with 16 sixth forms to date, facilitated by myself, Dr Sam George, and Dr Kaja Franck (a former PhD student with Sam now attached to OGOM whose thesis was on the literary werewolf). The running time is 90 minutes.

The pack has now been put on line as a password-protected subsection of the OGOM website so that other institutions both nationwide and internationally can be encouraged to make use of them.

The session is comprised of a mini-workshop, a lecture, and a seminar with interactive tasks. Our aim is to demonstrate that literature is a living subject that feeds into current concerns such as extinction, climate change, otherness, and so on. Three short stories are read by pupils. These stories have been researched and chosen carefully to show three different representations of the wolf and the stereotypes that have emerged.

Pack contents

Session 1 – workshop: Big Bad Wolf: interactive tasks on how folk & fairy tales have shaped our understanding of the natural world

Session 2 – lecture: Monstrous Werewolves and Benevolent She-wolves: exploring literary representations of the wolf

Session 3 – seminar: Redeeming the Wolf and Preparing for its Return

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