Gothic Studies: Werewolves and Wildness issue

Gothic Studies, Werewolves and Wildness special issue, ed. by Sam George and Bill Hughes, 21.1 (Spring 2019)


Sue Chaplin, ‘Daddy, I’m falling for a Monster’: Women, Sex and Sacrifice in Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Tania Evans, Full Moon Masculinities: Masculine Werewolves, Emotional Repression, and Violence in Young Adult Fiction

Simon  Marsden, ‘One look and you recognize evil’: Lycan Terrorism, Monstrous Otherness and the Banality of Evil in Benjamin Percy’s Red Moon

Curtis Runstedler, The Benevolent Medieval Werewolf in William of Palerne

Sam George, Wolves in the Wolds: Late Capitalism, the English Eerie, and the Weird Case of ‘Old Stinker’ the Hull Werewolf

Lisa Nevárez, Playgrounds in the Zombie Apocalypse: The Feral Child

Michael Brodski, The Cinematic Representation of the Wild Child: Considering Trouffaut’s L’enfant sauvage (1970)