Redeeming The Wolf: OGOM Event @BeingHumanFest

We’re excited to announce that OGOM is involved in two events for the Being Human Festival. Here are further details of the first one:

Big Bad Wolf: A Story of Persecution, Loss and Redemption

Hunted to extinction in Britain, wolves haunt the human imagination. This event engages audiences in the story of our persecution, loss, and potential reintroduction of the wolf. A short film by George Monbiot introduced by the UK Wolf Conservation Trust and a series of illustrated talks (Prof. Garry Marvin, ‘Lupophobia’; Dr Sam George, ‘Children Raised by Wolves’, ‘Last Wolf Myths’; Dr Kaja Franck, ‘Monstrous Werewolves’; Dr Bill Hughes, ‘Being Human in Paranormal Romance’) will interrogate humankind’s perception of the Big, Bad Wolf in literature, folklore and film, before participants debate the possibility of redeeming and re-wilding this much maligned ‘beast’.  

Date: Sat 18th November 

Venue: University of Hertfordshire

Look out for booking opening on the Being Human Festival site later in the summer!

About Lucy Northenra

Senior Lecturer in Literature, University of Hertfordshire
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