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Buffy – My Childhood Companion

Happy Buffyversary! Bill has already blogged links to some wonderful articles about BtVS and below are a few more that may be of interest: The Guardian, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a feminist parable for everyone – including me’, Anthony Head … Continue reading

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Wif-Wolves and Feminists

On Friday, The Conversation published an excellent essay about feminism and werewolves, ‘Friday essay: the female werewolf and her shaggy suffragette sisters’, by Jazmina Cininas. (If you’re wondering why I used ‘wif-wolves’ in my title read this article ‘Fun with Etymology – … Continue reading

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Werewolf-Repelling Soap

This is something to get into a lather about: Pojo soaps have created a werewolf repelling soap. If you’re more concerned about something sucking your blood rather than ripping you apart, they also do an anti-vampire soap, as well as … Continue reading

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Interview with Anne Rice

This is an interesting interview with Anne Rice from Nerdist about Interview with the Vampire (1976) and her erotica series, Sleeping Beauty. 

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Love Song for a Vampire (3)

Following on from Sam’s post about Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ and Bill’s post on Annie Lennox’s ‘Love Song for a Vampire’, I thought I would post a few of my favourite Gothic love songs. (As it happens, I … Continue reading

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Vegan Vampires (or How to Make Human Blood with Beetroot Juice)

I have a confession to make: I’m incredibly squeamish. This is not a problem in itself but if you interests include monsters, especially vampires, piercings and tattoos, announcing that you get woozy at the sight of blood causes a few … Continue reading

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The Wolf Moon and the Month of Wolves

Tonight is a full moon, and also the wolf moon. January was once referred to as Wulf-monath (wolf month) in Saxon, and it’s full moon takes its name from the possibility that in this bitter month wolves could still be heard howling in … Continue reading

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Preparing for a Viva – Further Thoughts

At the behest of Sam, I have been persuaded to write more about viva “process”. As I said in my previous post, preparing for a viva can be strange. There are many reasons for this: 1) you can’t help thinking … Continue reading

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2017 – PhD Reflections

As Sam has already blogged (in very flattering terms), I passed my viva on Friday 16th December. (Minor corrections if you were wondering). Following this I have taken two weeks of radio silence to celebrate Christmas, the end of 2016, … Continue reading

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Generation Dead: Maggie Stiefvater’s ‘Shiver’ (2009)

Last week’s lecture and seminar for ‘Generation Dead’ was dedicated to Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver (2009), the first novel in the Wolves of Mercy Fall trilogy. Moving away from vampires, this novel is a YA Gothic novel featuring a love story … Continue reading

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